Criminal killing of gangster suspect "Kyoto gangsters were going to be killed" November 28, 18:49

On the 27th, in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, a designated gang / Kobe Yamaguchi group gang leader killed by a gun, a man who possessed an automatic rifle etc. and was arrested in Kyoto city `` Kyoto gang members also I was told that I was going to kill. "

After 5:00 pm on the 27th, Keiichi Furukawa (59), a member of the Kobe Yamaguchi Group gang, died after shooting his face with a gun on the street of Kanda Nantori, Amagasaki City.

After the incident, a light car of a rental car that seems to have escaped from the scene was found in Kyoto city, suspected to be related to the Yamaguchi Gumi who was driving, Susumu Asahina Hisamoto (52) in Gangnam City, Aichi Prefecture, has automatic rifles and pistols I was arrested on suspicion of violation of the sword law.

According to the police, it means that they admitted firing to the investigation as “I did it myself”.

Furthermore, it was found through interviews with investigators that it was stated that the gang members of the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi group in Kyoto were murdered so far.

The rental car was rented in Hyogo Prefecture.

The police are investigating whether the organization was not involved, such as the route to get into Hyogo Prefecture and where to obtain automatic rifles and pistols.

Is it a firearm on site?

This picture was taken near the spot in Kyoto city where the suspect was secured just after 6pm on the 27th.

In a place surrounded by police cars with red lights, you can see police officers examining things like guns falling on the ground.

There are a lot of police officers moving around.

The man who photographed said, "When I heard the police car's siren and headed to the scene, there was something like a gun on the ground, so I hurriedly shot it. I was very surprised."

Securing status in Kyoto

At the Kyoto Prefectural Police, a man who fired a gun in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture escaped in a car.

And at around 6pm on the 27th, we found a car of the same number as the mini passenger car that escaped from the site on National Route 1 near the Kyoto Minami Interchange on the Meishin Expressway, about 40km northeast of the shooting site. Because it stopped at a red light, the front and back were sandwiched between two police cars.

Then, when I tried to ask a job question, Asahina got down from the driver's seat, approached the police car behind, and pointed a handgun at the window.

The police officer bent down, but Asahina returned to the car, took out an automatic rifle, held it in the other hand, and came to the police car again.

As soon as many police cars rushed to the scene, Asahina allegedly threw two guns on the street, dropped them, and was arrested on the spot.

Anxiety from local

The local people were worried about the shooting incident that occurred in the immediate vicinity of the busy shopping street.

A woman in her 20s with two children said, “I always come to the supermarket in the shopping street, so I'm scared if I come across a criminal. I want you to tighten the gun control.”

A man in his 70s said, “I go through the shopping street every day, but after 5 pm there was a lot of traffic and I think there was a risk of a more difficult situation with bullets.” .

A woman in her 60s who runs a store in a shopping street said, “I was surprised to hear a loud sound that I had never heard before. If you decrease it, you will be in trouble. "