Writer Adriaan van Dis recently published his first children's book: Adje is very busy. Van Dis took ten years to write the book and calls children's writing refreshing, he says in an interview to Trouw .

He has enjoyed writing the book so much that he wants to write a children's book again after his next adult novel. "Writing for children is refreshing because you have to look with their gaze: a gaze full of wonder and longing," the writer says.

The children's book is a positive story about ADHD and has a high autobiographical content. "I was also a very busy boy," says the writer. "For punishment, I stood in the corner of the classroom half the time. I also had to sit in the front, because I was giggling in the back." Van Dis has difficulty with ADHD and related labels. "Children who used to be busy are made patients. With my book I stick out my tongue to medicalization."

The book is illustrated by illustrator Lotte Klaver and is intended for children from three years.