After the death of 39 people in a refrigerated truck in the UK, the accused driver confessed to the aid for illegal immigration. The British news agency PA reported that Nordire also admitted at the hearing on 25 November that it had cashed in between May 2018 and October 2019.

The 25-year-old has to answer for manslaughter in 39 cases, including for manslaughter. The Northern Irish had been arrested early in the morning three days earlier on a highway near Beaconsfield northwest of London.

On October 23, the corpses of 31 men and eight women were discovered in a refrigerated truck in a place in Essex near London. Presumably, they were smuggled into the country. A ship had previously brought the container from Belgium to England. The victims came from Vietnam. There had been further arrests in the UK, Ireland and Vietnam in connection with the case.

A track leads to the Netherlands. The Dutch Central Agency for the Admission of Asylum Seekers (COA) confirmed that one of the victims was in an asylum facility in the country. Further backgrounds are open.

In recent years, the illegal smuggling of young Vietnamese into Western Europe has greatly increased. The route often leads via Russia, the Baltic States and Poland to Berlin. Many of the deprived Vietnamese are being brought to the UK by international smuggling gangs after their stay in Berlin, where they are often forced on cannabis plantations or nail salons to pay their debts to the smugglers.