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6 factors increase the "abdominal gas" .. These are ways to avoid


Abdominal gases are normal, but in some cases it can be bothersome and embarrassing, so medical experts at the British Medical Services Center have identified a range of factors that may cause stomach gas increases, according to the Mirror website. T

Abdominal gases are normal, but in some cases it can be bothersome and embarrassing. Medical experts at the British Medical Center have identified a range of factors that could cause stomach gas to increase, according to the Mirror.

Soft drinks

Gaseous liquids can be a major contributing factor, along with chewing gum and drinking through the straw, where air accumulates in the colon.

Also, stress, eating quickly or while chatting can make us more likely to ingest the amounts of air that remains in the stomach.

Inflammatory bowel

Symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease include pain or swelling in the stomach, feeling tired and frequent diarrhea.Inflammatory bowel is usually caused by a bacterium, so it is recommended to wash vegetables and fruits well, and make sure that the water we drink is safe to drink.


Cabbage and broccoli contain carbohydrates that make it difficult to digest, making them stay in the stomach for longer, so it is advisable to stay away from eating them if you feel discomfort after eating.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Also known as IBS, the condition affects the digestive system, symptoms include flatulence, gastric spasm, bloating and constipation.

Although the condition lasts a lifetime, it can be managed through lifestyle changes such as exercise, reduced intake of spicy foods, and avoid hard-to-digest food such as beans and broccoli.

Processed foods

Fast food such as burgers and pizzas may be delicious, but they are not the best to balance healthy bacteria in the intestines, so it is advised not to eat more and follow a balanced and healthy diet.

digestion dysfunction

Symptoms include constipation, abdominal pain and indigestion. Digestive disorders are caused by gluten intake in foods such as pasta, cereals and bread.

Choosing gluten-free alternatives helps to manage the symptoms of the disease.

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