• This is how you change your body from decade to decade

As much as we strive, there is no one who can beat the passage of time but in what we do have some room for maneuver is in the way we face it. " The rate at which we age is determined by 30% genetics and 70% our lifestyle habits," María del Carmen Vericat, a doctor of the Internal Medicine Service of the CIMA Hospital in Barcelona, ​​told ZEN.

Like it or not, after 40, everything starts to change. "Muscles lose strength, bones weaken, skin becomes thinner and the distribution of body fat deposits changes, accumulating in the abdominal area around our viscera," says Carmen Moreno (@fitmoreno), trainer at Altafit Students (Madrid).

What can we do to slow down this process to the maximum? "The muscles and bones are alive and can be regenerated through this wonderful stimulator vehicle called exercise. That way, we will continue to be strong and efficient," Moreno replies.

Staying physically active with that minimum of 150 minutes of moderate weekly aerobic exercise and those two routine sessions of strengthening large muscle groups recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is, together with diet care, the best elixir of youth .

Although his main recommendation is always that "a personalized training plan is followed, prepared by virtue of age, physical condition and objectives," Carmen Moreno advises doing a good muscle strengthening job with simple exercises, executed with the technique adequate not to harm us. "

If you want to see the full report with all the advice of Carmen Moreno, do not miss tomorrow Sunday, starting at 9 am, 'Health a day' (Telemadrid program produced by UEtv).

WARNING: it is essential to consult a professional about the convenience of starting a training program. Also listen to the calls of our body and stop before any symptoms of discomfort, dizziness or pain.

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