No one could surprise at this point in the game that the future Government that Pedro Sánchez intends to arm with Podemos was going to depend on ERC. But what is quite amazing, embarrassing and dangerous is that this dependency has already changed in submission when the internal consultations that the parties involved have launched to their militants to establish a position regarding the investiture of Pedro Sánchez have not even been closed. PSOE and ERC yesterday agreed on the formation of a negotiating table that de facto supposes the claudication of the Government to the conditions of the independentists : a sad reissue with the republicans of the shameful Pact of Pedralbes. What conclusion to draw if not from the fact that in the ERC team is Josep Maria Jové, former number two of Oriol Junqueras and charged in the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia by the organization of 1-O. To explain the dimension of the inclusion of Jové, it is enough to remember that several documents provided in the trial instruction phase point him as the architect of the process and of the illegal referendum: he was, according to reports, who wrote down a Moleskine agenda all the meetings and meetings where the road map was drawn. One of the fundamental evidence that served to support the convictions of the Supreme Court.

The impudity with which this Government continues to launder those who claim that they skipped the constitutional order is bad news and a jug of cold water for those who thought that Sanchez had abandoned his secessionist conchabeo. If, per se, a scandal is already set, put the political action of an Executive into the hands of seditious persons, accept at the negotiating table the toughest line of ERC, with a charge for organizing the most serious political, social and legal attack against our democracy of the last decades, it is a humiliation that will only serve to feed the republicans and strengthen them in the face of theirs in the struggle of egos and radicalism that the independence movement waged. Sanchez's desire to get into the mouth of the wolf just by underpinning power exceeds the border of all admissible. But it is that this humiliation also demonstrates the paripé that PSOE, Podemos and ERC have simulated with the internal queries that they have activated. The torturing questions that they have thrown at their militants are nothing more than a cheat alibi to mask and legitimize the decisions they will make or have already taken beforehand.

Sanchez decided to agree with Podemos even if it meant an amendment to the whole of his speech and campaign strategy. He announced it as if we were before a state pact when the outline was nothing more than a set of well-intentioned generalities. He offered it to the militancy through a cheater. And all this without providing the key information regarding the blind spot of the agreement that has now exploited in view of all : submission to independence. We can expect that he would take advantage of all the populist resources to which he has accustomed us: from the perversion of all plebiscitary logic to support without decorum those who want to blow up the consensus that has guaranteed us 40 years of full democracy . But it is inadmissible for the PSOE to adapt these methods: Sánchez's presidency cannot be obtained in exchange for mortgaging the country's future.

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