• Colombia: The next riot in Latin America?

He was baptized as "the Latin Bond" for his social commitment. He always gets wet, raises passions and hatreds . The Colombian Juanes attends EL MUNDO by telephone on Thursday, November 21 from his residence in Miami, the same day that in his country citizens take the streets in a historic national strike reminiscent of the recent revolts in Chile or Ecuador.

"There are many reasons to be outraged but it is important to demonstrate without violence, " says the 47-year-old artist, who lived in his teens the toughest years of drug trafficking in his city, Medellín.

Although the reason for this interview is to talk about the sweet moment he is going through in his career, with the release of his album More future than past (Universal Music) and recognition a few days ago as Person of the Year in the Latin Grammy, the turbulent news in Latin America he takes over the conversation.

What is your position regarding the citizen protests that are shaking the region? I feel that there is a disconnection of all Latin American governments from the real needs of the people. It is important that people manifest themselves to ask for more attention than those in charge. For a long time things have been wrong, it is the same structure that fails. Unfortunately, sometimes these protests are filled with noise, dark things happen. He says on Twitter: "Those who exercise politics must do so from love and not from the ego and / or the eagerness to acquire power over the interests of the people" . Is it a message to its president, the conservative Iván Duque? It was not against anyone in particular, I mean people who legislate, who live in another reality very different from what is happening on the street. What the people ask in Chile, in Nicaragua, everywhere, is that someone from power will listen to him once and for all. The system as it is right now does not work, things have to be changed. Colombia has passed in a few years of being the beautiful story in a troubled world thanks to the peace process to suffer the selective murders of social leaders and the return of insecurity in large rural areas.

When we reach this point, the telephone connection with Juanes is cut off. The record label person who listens to the conversation from Miami wants to know what we have asked. Finally, agree to put us online again.

It must have been cut, I wanted to ask him if he thinks that the same thing will happen in Colombia as in other neighboring countries, if the protests will be massive and will continue over time. I promise you that after that we talk about your new album. Okay, thank you, brother. Many unfortunate events have happened in recent years in Colombia, including the killing of indigenous people and children who died from an army bombing. Education does not finish curdling, corruption is frustrating ... Social networks affect our imagination, information is transmitted faster today. What we have seen in the region motivates Colombia to manifest itself. I am optimistic, there are things that have improved, the new generations will change the country. Is the title of the album a vindication of his career in full maturity? It represents hope, the desire to live. It is a celebration of folklore, of the native rhythms that have inspired me. I have worked with new Colombian talents such as singer Lalo Ebratt and rapper Crudo Means Raw to offer a current point of view. Along with traditional sounds such as cumbia, guasca and vallenato there is also rock, electronic and hip hop. He even makes a nod to reggaeton by allying with the star of his country Sebastián Yatra. I do not want to stigmatize any musical genre, all contribute something and reggaeton has served to give more visibility to Latin music in the world. Sebastián Yatra is a great guy, for him making this music is something natural, just like my children he grew up dancing reggaeton. In the Latin Grammys, you shared the spotlight with the Chilean Mon Laferte, who took advantage of the gala to criticize the government of his country and support the protests. Do you plan to use your speaker to report Colombia's problems? Mon Laferte is a tremendous woman, I admire her leadership power and commitment. About your question, one should make political songs when it comes out naturally. I've done several during my career, some of them still make sense. Speaking of political songs, the Spanish Vox party used its success campaign 'God I ask' with a version that said 'A vox I ask'. I thought it was terrible, these are things that one sometimes cannot control. When I heard the lyrics I thought it was an offense, a lack of respect. It is already in the hands of my lawyers, music should not be used as a political weapon. What is the worst of fame? How difficult it has been to be away from my family, travel and concerts have deprived me of a lot of time with my children and my wife. That is something that hurts my soul today.

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