Emperor Empress visits the inner shrine of Ise Shrine November 23, 11:39

The Emperor Empress visiting Mie Prefecture visited the inner shrine of Ise Jingu Shrine on the morning of the 23rd as a ceremony to inform that the “Imperial Thanksgiving” and “Daijosai” were over.

Both Majesty, visiting Mie Prefecture on the 21st, followed the outer shrine of the Ise Jingu Shrine on the 22nd, and on the 23rd they visited the inner shrine dedicated to the “Amaterasu God”, the ancestor of the Imperial Family.

The Emperor was dressed in “Kurozen no Goho”, the ceremonial emperor's costume at 9:30 am, and proceeded to the main shrine in the center of the inner shrine with a two-carriage carriage. There was arrived in front of the main shrine.

Along with the samurai who carried the swords of the “three kinds of treasures” passed down to the successive emperors and the tamatama, they proceeded slowly through the roofed wooden corridor to the main shrine.

The Emperor later worshiped in front of the main shrine, offering a ball of skewers.

Then, at 10:30 am, the empress was dressed in twelve, and arrived in front of the main shrine with a hairstyle called “Osabashikashi”.

The empress, who is allergic to horses, has been approached by an open car riding in the parade of the “Celebration of the Day” on the 10th of this month instead of a carriage. .

The Empress was worshiped in front of the main shrine just like the Emperor.

Both Majesty will return to Tokyo on the 23rd after completing the visit to Ise Shrine.

Next week, we will visit the Emperor Jinmu in Nara Prefecture, the Emperor Komyo in Kyoto City, and the Meiji Emperor's Tomb.