In the midst of the dust raised by the devastating ERE ruling, perhaps due attention has not been given to a decision that also portrays the PSOE. This time it is not about his Andalusian federation but about his Catalan brand , and it is not about corruption but about sovereign mimicry , which does not cease to embody a form of ideological corruption: betrayal of the egalitarian ideal for the benefit of identity privilege.

We refer to the vote in plenary session of the Barcelona City Council of a motion that urged the Superior Police Headquarters to be taken from its historic headquarters on the Laietana street . The mayor Ada Colau already slipped this suggestion typically delivered in full wave of street violence, which precisely made the Headquarters of Laietana the priority target of their aggressions. So that Colau yields to separatism, this does not require any coercion: she does it willingly and by barely concealed conviction. But the embarrassing thing is that the PSC joins the humiliating proposal of populism , which separates the focus of the social reproach of the violent totalitarian and places it on the police, as if the presence of the Headquarters in the center of Barcelona was a provocation in herself. The vote of the PSC legitimizes the paranoia of the eternal Franco that articulates a good part of the nationalist discourse - not only in Catalonia -, and sends a message of abandonment to the agents who played their physical integrity in the containment of the insurrectional violence that burned the capital of Catalonia and still causing serious disturbances.

The party of Iceta was still presupposed a vestige of institutional responsibility unavailable to that of Colau, but after the embrace of shame between Sánchez and Iglesias it seems that we should get used to these and other claudications. The agreement between PSOE and Podemos with the endorsement of ERC in the Government of Spain and a new tripartite of common, socialist and republican in the Generalitat of Catalonia: this seems to be the garrafal destiny to which the strategy of the PSOE, which marks the pattern from Moncloa with the only motivation to stay there. If along the way we must adopt positions of the anti-system parties, or even secondary the drift of batasunización that in Euskadi has been demanding for years the expulsion of the State Security Forces and Bodies as if they were invaders, it is done.

Asked about the transfer, Interior says that "for now" does not raise it. The temporary nuance is not very reassuring in the case of Marlaska, who has already shown enough signs of virtuosity in the art of contradiction when it comes to folding to Sanchez's partisan convenience, volatile by nature and interest.

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