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Is there any remedy that works against stiffness?


They are, along with I do not have time, one of the great successes in the list of excuses to skip a workout. To be fair, the truth is that the pain caused by the sores

They are, along with I do not have time, one of the great successes in the list of excuses to skip a workout. To be fair, the truth is that the pain caused by the sores can be so intense that it becomes almost paralyzing. But what are we talking about? "The term stiffness refers to late muscle pain (DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), which usually appears during the 24-48h after the performance of physical activity," explains Elena Isla Paredes, doctor of the Sports Medicine Unit of Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital (Madrid).

For years, it was thought that its origin was "in the deposit of lactic acid crystals of muscle." However, at present, "the most accepted theory about its cause is inflammatory ." According to it, "the DOMS has its origin in the appearance of small muscle 'microroturas' during the performance of some exercise (especially, eccentric type in which the muscles are lengthened).

In this limiting situation, is the old remedy of drinking water with sugar any use ? Dr. Isla Paredes brings us out of doubt: "It could have some utility in the phase immediately after physical activity like any other carbohydrate replacement element." Instead, "its influence on the evolution of late muscle pain is more limited since, based on the theory cited above, the most effective would be the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen."

However, this doctor emphasizes that "the effectiveness of these drugs may be limited and their use should always be under medical control."


"This is a mini fibrillary rupture that, to stop bothering, has to regenerate. There is no other," explains Daniel Porro, physiotherapist and manager of Atrium 3.

The million dollar question is: what do we do: do we move or stop? "If the sores are mild, we can rest one day and resume our workouts the next but in a moderate way, from less to more. In this way, we will find some relief by exercising, with good warm-up and good stretching at the end."

Porro recalls that laces may also be a consequence of poor hydration . "Therefore, it is advisable to replace the fluids and electrolytes lost during physical activity with water and isotonic drinks that give us mineral salts."

This physiotherapist advises taking "contrast baths and, without being very sharp, only with hot water and giving a gentle scrub to improve blood flow and generate more adrenaline in the area."

Applying "some type of anti-inflammatory cream may come in handy to regenerate the muscles," he adds.

Despite not being "too much in favor of ingesting painkillers," Daniel Porro does consider the option that "those who practice sports regularly and suffer from them can take some type of magnesium supplement ."

It is also recommended "a gentle massage session in the consultation of the physio with diathermy work (application of heat with high frequency waves)".

Our advice to try to avoid them? To practice sport regularly and in a sensible way , avoiding those great beatings of 'Sundays' that leave our body in pain, especially, after 48 hours.

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