Launched by the Higher School of Journalism of Lille and directed by the production company TSVP, the documentary "Hated?" deals with the hatred that journalists are now creating. To talk about it in "Media Culture" on Europe 1, Philippe Vandel received Friday the director Joséphine Duteuil and the journalist Jules Giraudat.


Why is the image of journalists so degraded? On the ground, social networks and elsewhere, the trust placed in these intermediaries between information and the public has eroded, to the point of making today a hated profession. Hated? , it is the name of the documentary launched by the Higher School of Journalism of Lille and realized by the production company Turn Please (TSVP).

The documentary focuses on six young journalists with very different profiles, for as many modules available since Friday on YouTube and distributed in high school classes. To talk about it, Philippe Vandel received Friday morning in Culture Media Joséphine Duteuil, director of the documentary and former student of ESJ Lille, and Jules Giraudat, journalist for Forbidden Stories, an international collective of journalists who collaborate to continue investigations at during which journalists were killed because they were doing their job.

The catalytic effect of "yellow vests"

Recently, in France, this hatred materialized by the mistrust shown by the "yellow vests" towards the traditional media. "The 'yellow' lambda jackets do not speak to BFMTV," laments in the documentary Guillaume Bertrand, a young journalist on the news channel. "It bothers me because it's my job to talk to everyone, the word 'yellow jackets' is inaudible on our channel."

Another milieu, another detestation: in the suburbs or in the popular neighborhoods of big cities. "My childhood buddies love what I do, they are not critical of my work but journalists in general take for their rank," says Madjid Khiat, a reporter for Franceinfo and from the popular district of Gerland, In Lyon. "My friends say that the media lie.Some do not like France Televisions because they think it is a state television, 'Macron TV', while it is false.

"The idea of ​​this series was to have very different facets of these phenomena of hatred and mistrust of journalists," says Josephine Duteuil, also referring to the case of journalist Aude Favre, whose YouTube channel "WTFake "against the fake news is daily targeted by hordes of trolls.

In rare cases, more serious, journalists are killed for their work. This is why Jules Giraudat and other journalists undertake to pursue risky investigations within the Forbidden Stories collective.

"We meet 45 journalists of different nationalities, we take the work of this journalist, and we share our information.The goal is to publish at the end of six months, all at the same time, to make the more noise possible. " In the documentary, he investigates with other journalists about the sand mafia in India, a work that has resulted in a publication in 30 different media.

Hated? , of the production company TSVP, is available since Friday morning on the YouTube channel of ESJ Lille.