The police department of Hannover has banned a planned Saturday for the right-wing extremist NPD against several journalists. In a statement, the police justified the ban by saying that public safety was in jeopardy. The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior said: "New insights into activities in social media paint an aggressive picture, which suggests that the assembly should go far beyond legitimate engagement with individuals and their positions."

The NPD can contest the ban on the planned demonstration in the city center at the Administrative Court. Their planned protest action is directed against the critical reporting of several journalists who regularly write about the extreme right-wing milieu in Germany. In the demonstration call on its website, the NPD Niedersachsen listed ten journalists by name.

Among other things, it was about the freelance journalists Julian Feldmann, David Janzen and André Aden. In addition to the announced protest, the journalists had already been threatened by right-wing extremists and had received death threats. A high-ranking neo-Nazi squad spoke about Julian Feldmann at several events, mentioning a revolver that was already available.

Journalist David Janzen was also threatened by a neo-Nazi in Brunswick with the words "Today Walter [Lübcke, note of the note], tomorrow's janzen", and several attacks on Janzens private residence were committed this year.

Pistorius supports demonstration ban

Lower Saxony's Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) welcomed the ban on demonstrations. "I honestly say, with all due neutrality, that I am personally happy with this decision and I hope it will be held in court," Pistorius said. Given the new threat assessment by the police department, the decision to ban is correct and appropriate.

Last Friday, journalists, media companies and associations responded to the planned NPD campaign with the appeal "Protect the Press Freedom!" released. In it, they called on the press council, publishers and editors to show solidarity with threatened colleagues. Politicians are asked to better protect journalists. Among other things, the call was signed by the editors-in-chief of ZEIT ONLINE and DIE ZEIT.