Sama Al Masri raised controversy by appearing at the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival wearing the hijab, and her attempt to enter the Grand Theater to watch the concert although she did not carry the invitation to attend, which prevented her from entering, and although the security men prevented her from advancing towards the opening ceremony hall, but she succeeded in Take some pictures on the red carpet before you leave.

Al-Masri published through her account on the social networking site «Instagram» a number of photos the moment she passed the red carpet, commenting: "Cairo Film Festival veil, I escaped from them Mahadesh custom depicts me from journalists," she said in a later video: "People Pia wear veil or take off I Free Siboni in my current stay. "

But the most controversial and discontented at the same time published a photo in defiance of the artist Rania Youssef, declaring her superiority over the second in viewership, as she claimed, she said, through «Instagram»: «Maalesh stayed, Rania wind on the side, I was kidnapped from you Now, I see you the next year, Maalesh remained not always Arian attention. »

Al Masri denied any link between expensive clothes and followers of the public, explaining the reason for her success with the challenge: «People love me», and continued: «Fashion designers are tired, my eyes in the rest of the dresses and Agi Btrh 50 pounds and a dress locked thousand pounds Take the trend without even walking on a carpet Red.