Actor Midori Kiuchi's death Drama Widely active in variety, November 21 17:34

Actor Midori Kiuchi, who was widely active in drama and variety, died on the 18th of this month. I was 69 years old.

Midori Kiuchi was born in Aichi Prefecture, and made a full-fledged movie debut in 1971 with a poem of farewell from "Sedore Our Days" after being a member of the Shiki Theater Company.

As an acting actor, he performed a wide range of roles from serious to comedy in numerous movies and TV dramas, and also appeared on a variety TV program on commercial TV and became popular among tea.

Also, NHK's taiga drama “Nishigo Don” broadcasted last year played a compassionate woman in Amami Oshima as the wife of the local head who supported Yoshinosuke Saigo.

In addition, in the movie “After the Sunset” set in Nagashima-cho, Kagoshima, which is now open to the public, he was actively working on filming, such as going around the local area alone to make a role.

In addition, since July last year, we have begun to conduct interviews with various genres such as university professors and actors on social themes such as nuclear power plants and peace issues and distribute them on their own web pages.

According to movie distributors, Kiuchi-san suddenly collapsed on the 18th of this month while on a business trip to Hiroshima and died at the age of 69.