ABU Award NHK's three works won the highest award on November 21 at 23:10

ABU = The ABU Award Ceremony for excellent broadcast works among the programs produced by broadcasters affiliated with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union was held in Tokyo on the 21st, depicting the appearance of a doctor engaged in home medical care. NHK's three works, such as NHK Special and “Last Life: The Last Time to Reach at My Home”, were selected as the best awards.

The ABU produced by broadcasting stations in the Asia-Pacific region, etc., each year, the ABU Award was given to excellent programs in accordance with the general meeting. An award ceremony was held at a hotel in Tokyo.

Among them, in the TV documentary program section, NHK Special, which depicts the appearance of an 80-year-old doctor who is engaged in home medical care, “Daisei- "The last time to welcome at my home" was awarded the Grand Prize.

Also, in the TV sports program section, the NHK Special, “Rostov's 14 Second Japan vs. Belgium,” reveals the backside of the match between the Japanese national team and the Belgian national team at last year ’s Soccer World Cup Russia. An unknown story was chosen.

In the radio drama program section, NHK's FM theater “Gray Canvas” won the Grand Prize.