Abu Dhabi residents will meet at the Electra Park to participate in a two-day cooking feast on the street, as part of the Abu Dhabi Moments Initiative, for two days (6-7 December).
Alwaleemah will combine world-class cuisine and entertainment activities in downtown Abu Dhabi, making it a gourmet experience.
The gourmet will be offered a range of ingredients that they will enjoy learning about, buying, or even learning about traditional cooking methods in the Arabian Peninsula.
The event will include the spice market and the burgers competition, where five contestants will compete to finish as many burgers as possible in just two minutes, giving the champion a chance to win a bunch of prizes.
A number of street performers will also participate in the event through a range of entertainment shows.
Moments of Abu Dhabi, a community initiative launched by the Department of Community Development within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Accelerated Development Program (Tomorrow 21), aims to promote inclusiveness and build bridges of communication among community members through a number of events and activities that unite individuals and families.