Toyota employee suicide boss is "Baka Aho" power harassment cause industrial accident certification November 19 11:36

A man who was 28 years old working at Toyota Motor Corp. committed suicide, and the Labor Standards Inspection Office was recognized as an occupational accident in September, allegedly because of his boss's power harassment. .

A 28-year-old male employee who worked in the department responsible for designing Toyota Motor vehicles was certified as an industrial accident.

According to the survivor's agent's lawyer, the man joined Toyota Motor four years ago and worked in the department responsible for vehicle design at the headquarters the following year, but he was repeatedly reprimanded by his immediate supervisor. "It's better to die," "Aho," "I should die," etc., it was diagnosed as an adjustment disorder.

Then, after taking a leave of absence for about three months three years ago, I returned to work and started working in a group different from this boss, but I started talking to the people around me saying, “I want to die.” I committed suicide in an employee dormitory.

A male survivor filed an application for an occupational accident in March, and the Labor Standards Inspection Office investigated that the harassment of power harassment by the boss was the cause of suicide.

A male survivor commented through a lawyer, “My son who grew up like this has not been accepted yet. I want Toyota to try to improve the work environment with the recognition of industrial accidents.” The

Toyota "I will strive to manage employee health"

Toyota Motors said, “I sincerely wish for the deceased and condolences to the bereaved families. We will take the decision of the Labor Standards Inspection Office sincerely to prevent occupational accidents, employees I will continue to strive for health management in the future. "