A decision to probate the mother who left the infant in the car and died Toyama District Court, November 19, 17:48

In August, the Toyama District Court said that the result of the loss of precious life is serious for a mother who was charged with guilty of leaving an eleven-month-old daughter in a burning car in Toyama City. “Nothing else” and sentenced to conviction with a probation.

In August, Shinji Nobata, 11 months old, died of heat stroke in a car parked in an apartment in Toyama City. 25) When he came home from the place on the road, he was charged with fatal negligence for losing his daughter and leaving it to die.

In a ruling on the 19th, Reiko Kobayashi of Toyama District Court said, “When I returned home after drunken drinking, I found no reason to forget to drop me from my car and kill me. “The consequences of losing precious life in a midsummer car that can easily be expected to be hot for about four hours is crucial.”

On the other hand, he said that he had been banned for 1 year and 6 months and was suspended for 3 years.