Lithium-ion battery “Trigger” Koichi Mizushima Special Commendation November 19, 15:42

Koichi Mizushima, Executive Fellow of a major electronics manufacturer “Toshiba” who discovered the opportunity to realize the “Lithium-ion battery” that was the theme of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry received a special award from the company on the 19th. It was.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given to Akira Yoshino of Japan and John Goodenough of the United States who developed lithium-ion batteries.

Mr. Koichi Mizushima discovered that a substance called “lithium cobaltate” can be used for rechargeable batteries under Goodenaf, a professor at Oxford University in the UK about 40 years ago. Has been realized.

In recognition of this achievement, a special award was given by Toshiba, where Mizushima-san is an executive fellow, and a commendation ceremony was held at the headquarters in Minato-ku on the 19th.

Mr. Mizushima attended the ceremony with his wife, Kimiko, and received a letter of appreciation from Toshiba President Masaaki Kurutani, and received great applause from the employees.

After the award ceremony, Ms. Mizushima said, “I have taken great care not to manage people as a researcher. I want to support young researchers and engineers who have my own ideas.” .

On the 19th, Mr. Mizushima also announced that the University of Tokyo, where he previously served as an assistant, will receive a "General President's Special Award" to recognize those who have made significant achievements among those who belonged to the past. It was.