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Hospital crisis: "The pay grid of the public hospital binds us," says Professor Pierre Amarenco


On the eve of the & quot; emergency plan consequent & quot; announced by the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, the head of the neurology department of Bichat Hospital, the curling of the salary scale of the public service imposed on the carers, and which prevents, according to him, to compensate properly & nbsp; the people. & nbsp;

On the eve of the "consequential emergency plan" to be announced by Prime Minister Philippe Philippe, the head of the neurology department at Bichat hospital, is pressing the salary scale of the civil service imposed on carers, and which prevents, according to him, to properly pay people.


A few hours before the announcement of the Prime Minister's "urgent emergency plan" to save the French public hospital, Dr. Pierre Amarenco, head of the neurology department at Bichat hospital in Paris, fired red bullets at the hospital. salary scale imposed in the hospital environment. "The hospital has intrinsically major problems that are essentially related to the fact that we can not pay more people who work," he said.

"The 35 hours have completely murdered us"

Invited to the Grand Journal of the evening to discuss his discovery for the fight against recurrence of stroke, the specialist spoke of the crisis in the hospital in France, the culmination of which was the mobilization last Thursday of a quarter of doctors. "The salary scale of the public hospital binds us.What is it necessary for me to be civil servant? What is it necessary for a stretcher to be a civil servant? It is not a function of regal," says the doctor , before letting go: "The 35 hours completely murdered us, we never recovered".

A return on the status of "necessary" civil servant

"When he was in the government of François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron said that this hospital function did not make sense, because it forces us to a grid of wages, so we can not pay well nurses or doctors. We have reached a point where they are leaving the public hospital! We must be able to retain them, and money is the sinews of the war, "Pierre Amarenco advance to the microphone of Europe 1.

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Anticipating measures to increase state investment in the public hospital, he warns that "it is not by adding a few hundred million [euros] that we will do anything. The hospital crisis is systemic, we have to profoundly change the functioning [of the hospital] and recruit people outside the public service, "he says. Before concluding: "It is necessary, we can not continue like this.If we are constrained by this grid of the public service, we will not succeed."

Source: europe1

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