• Interview: Mario Casas: "I still believe that Franco is the worst thing that has happened in Spain"

It was a long time, a long time - and I watch more television than hours the day has - that I did not live a moment as surreal as the one I lived last night watching Pablo Motos's interview with Mario Casas in El Hormiguero. It will sound bad, but the only thing that crossed my mind was a 'but what the hell is this?' Sitting in the armchair of my house I would have loved to record myself and then analyze my faces while watching what was happening on the set of El Hormiguero. And I'm not the only one. Last night, the audience burned in the social networks before the program. "Embarrassment", "crap", "surreal", "uncomfortable", "absurd", are some - and I write few - of the public's qualifications to the interview of Pablo Motos to Mario Casas.

And they don't lack reason. It was simply and being soft incomprehensible. Mario Casas was supposed to go to El Hormiguero - on his way to becoming a double platinum guest so many times he has already gone - to present the Paco Cabezas film that is being trained this Friday, Goodbye, but a cap and a behavior that has not yet I know neither how nor where it fit the interview turned the actor into "other people's shame."

Yes, that's right, the interview was "someone else's shame." Not only is the presenter dedicating a good part of the interview to trying to get Mario Casas to take off the cap he was wearing, but when it seemed that he focused on the actor the questions scratched the absurd and the ridiculous. And what was seen of the film or the future projects of the actor? A trailer, ball point.

I understand as a staunch follower of El Hormiguero that the interviews in Pablo Motos' program are not interviews to use. The guests are going to have fun and at all times the presenter tries to do so. If you are one of your colleagues, good vibes and complicity can be noticed from the beginning and if they are not Pablo Motos do it because they are. But as the Spanish proverb says where there is trust it disgusts, and last night that confidence that Pablo Motos has with Mario Casas provoked one of the most grotesque interviews of recent times in El Hormiguero.

Mario Casas arrived dressed in the program with a cap, which became the main objective of Pablo Motos during virtually the entire interview. It was like the One Ring of the Lord of the Rings. Pablo Motos became obsessed to such an extent with the cap and with Mario Casas showing his appearance that at some point became even irreverent.

The reason the actor wore the cap was for two reasons. The first, for aesthetic reasons and the second, for work reasons. Mario Casas is shooting a series for Netflix, The Innocent, in which he has again had to go through an impressive physical change. Not only is he having lost a pound of kilos again but they have also cut his hair and made him a "misfortune" of a father and very good lord of mine in the head. The actor is not very funny that they see him that way, but it is that Netflix much less because he does not want to reveal the appearance of the actor in the series and thus not give any clue to the public.

In fact, it is not that El Hormiguero was the only place he decided to go with the cap is that in all his last interviews he has appeared with her - in which he is published today in THE WORLD, too. Well, Pablo Motos was not going to allow Mario Casas not to show how they left his head. The boy tried in every way and for having made him understand that he could not show it, that they killed him, that it was a horror, that, in short, he would leave him alone, but when Pablo Motos gets a thing in his head ...

He devoted the entire beginning of the interview to trying to remove his cap yes or yes, which generated a sense of discomfort that Mario Casas was unable to cover. He spent the entire interview pending of the cap and that Pablo Motos could not think of taking it off by surprise. And that at the insistence of the presenter, who got really heavy, Mario Casas showed even a tad of how he had hair. Indeed, a disaster, but above all that if the producer does not leave it is that it does not leave it, and there is nothing more to discuss. What is the need for the guest to have a bad time, what does Pablo Motos win or the program with which he shows his hair, if in the end what people want is to see how Mario Casas responds to the interview, what counts, to see him in an environment relaxed and fun.

In fact, when Pablo Motos had his most exhausting moment, it was when they decided to go to publicity and when he returned, it was clearly noted that there were more than one and two words about the cap and trying to make it look real. He did not try to take it off again, but he spent the rest of the night insisting on the cap's temita. How tired, really!

Well Mario Casas was no longer for the job. They returned from the publicity and Pablo Motos tried to make him interview him. It was too late to redirect the interview, although Pablo Motos, aware that the beginning had been a disaster, wanted to take away the matter by praising the work of Mario Casas in Goodbye. Very pretty, but no. So he started asking about Paco Cabezas's movie. The tension of the previous moments had settled on the set and asked why the movie was going, Mario Casas's response was that sharp: "Put the trailer, put the trailer, that Paco Cabezas is going to blow me up because I have come to promote the film and we have not done anything yet. "

Pablo Motos laughed, but there was little funny. He put on the trailer - the movie is graffiti - and I don't know if by divine inspiration, but Pablo Motos managed to ask him two normal questions, two, of the entire interview. The first, just watching the trailer, in which he asked if he was not afraid of being criticized for the Andalusian accent and in which the actor explained that he learned it by seeing a boy on YouTube with whom his brother put in contact and who asked him to teach him. "I don't know if they criticized me, but I've done it with all due respect," said the actor. And the second at the end of the interview when asked who their referents were as actors. Mario Casas replied that Marlon Brandon and Javier Bardem, and as surreal as it may seem - although it sounded like a pitorreo - he told Pablo Motos that it had been the most serious interview they had had so far. They do not believe it or jartos of wine.

What happened between these two questions I don't know how to define it, I swear. There was a time when it seemed as if something was wrong with Pablo Motos, that he was not focused, that he had forgotten the script, the dozens of questions he had prepared and that the first thing that came to mind came out . Completely Dalinian was the moment when he asked Mario Casas if he had ever gone spliced.

Apparently, Sergio Ramos, a very good friend of Pablo Motos, met Mario Casas for a night and Pablo Motos came to him that the actor had gone spliced. However, when Pablo Motos began asking him about his party nights in Seville - during the filming of the film - and the splices, Mario Casas did not know what to answer. I didn't understand the presenter's questions, which was bundling the skein even more.

The misunderstanding came because after Mario Casas explained how he had learned the Andalusian accent, Pablo Motos told him that if a friend of his named Sergio had contributed during a "splicing party". I have to say that I did not understand this very well either and I stayed in that I was asking him for a night of riot when he was in Seville, but as I mix Sergio, the party and the spliced, Mario Casas did not even know what he was asking . It was a moment of conversation of total sea breams, that neither they knew how to get out nor those of us who were at home understood what the nose was about.

The same for Pablo Motos was a hilarious moment, but the reality is that it was incomprehensible and absurd. And even when he explained that Sergio Ramos had told him, the presenter continued in his thirteen with the splicing party and Mario Casas ended up cutting him with a spliced ​​"I have not left because later I would go to bed ... at 5, at 4, at 2 or 1 ".

It didn't look good at all and it wasn't going to get better. The program wanted to show the spectacular physical changes that the actor has been suffering in recent years to interpret certain roles. Pablo Motos made a summary of his latest films in which he lost X kilos to recover as many in the next. Well, it's true, Mario Casas is one of the Spanish actors with the most ability to physically adapt to the role he plays. Milks, the question was good! Why the hell did he have to screw up the way he screwed up?

First, the anger that took a good part of the spectators to repeat I do not know how many times "you go from anorexic to chubby, from anorexic to chubby, from anorexic to chubby ..." -we can go into a loop-when I could perfectly have used another qualifying that was not anorexic. But the worst was the question that came next. "When you lose weight and get fat, does picha also make you fat and lose weight?" And here I have to say that the piece of actor that Mario Casas has inside came out.

He made a face of circumstances, but immediately he tried to fix it with a smile, that more than a smile it seemed that they had put sticks in his nails and with all the education and good being he answered a "that does not lose weight". Really, there is someone who sees normal that Mario Casas is going to be interviewed and no matter how friendly he is, no matter how much confidence he has with him, ask him about his physical changes as an interpreter and you get a "and it stings what ". Read, that it is one thing to do a fun interview and another is to have the presenter go this way.

At that moment I thought, 'it can't get any worse, now the ants will come out and that's it.' How innocent I am! Yes I could get worse. As Pablo Motos on the subject of the cap did not go out of his head, the presenter decided to give him the murga with the damn cap the entire interview. That Mario Casas talked about the divine and the human, because Pablo Motos took out his cap because yes, because the cap was the most important thing of the night.

"You are with the cap that I don't see you ...", he told the actor in one of many moments. "Is it that nobody has ever come to the program with a cap?" Mario Casas asked at the insistence of the presenter. "Yes, someone has come, but I did not wear the mess that you have on your head. But ... I was thinking, you with that on your head that you wear when you make love you take off your hat or put it on your back ? " Again Mario Casas's face, but especially that forced smile was that of the nail sticks.

"No, back is also complicated because even if you put it back it depends on the position is also complicated. The best thing is a winter or swimming cap. But of course, with a swimming cap it is also pathetic, it is the worst thing it can happen to you, "replied the actor trying to put all the humor he could to the surreal question that Pablo Motos had just asked him.

And this was the entire interview, as is, without more and without less. Mario Casas sits down - I don't care if Mario Casas is as if the President of the Government - and the whole interview revolves around a cap, a picha and a dust, and I have no other to drop the shadow sticks. Of course, anyone sees Antonio Resines or Pilar Rubio with clean eyes. It is impossible.

Because it was Mario Casas, because they are colleagues, because he is the guest who has been to El Hormiguero more times and because no one of those who go to the program would do that to Pablo Motos, but of course the interview was to ask for a needle and prick To find out if what you were living was a dream, it was reality or it was a nightmare. As Calderón de la Barca wrote.

"Dream the king who is king, and live

with this deception sending,

disposing and governing;

and this applause, which receives

borrowed, in the wind writes,

and in ashes he turns

death, strong misery!

That there are those who try to reign,

seeing that he has to wake up

in the dream of death? "

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