In "L'Equipée sauvage" on Europe 1, the comedian evokes the polemic around Roman Polanski, accused again of rape, while one of his films, "J'accuse", is currently in theaters. In Paris, feminist activists had prevented a preview of the feature film, shouting "Polanski rapist, guilty cinemas".


The controversy stirred the small world of cinema since November 8, after the new accusations of rape aimed at the director Roman Polanski. Former model Valentine Monnier accuses the filmmaker of having hit and raped her in 1975 in Switzerland when she was 18 years old. At the same time, the new feature film of the Franco-Pole, J'accuse , has been released in theaters, reviving the debate: should we separate the man from the artist and support the man by going to see the artwork of the artist?

The example of Autant-Lara

Asked about it at the microphone of Europe 1 in L'Equipée sauvage , Bruno Solo made his opinion known. "The dissociation between the man and the artist exists, in fact," says the actor. "We do not know the intimacy of each artist, painter, writer, sculptor or director," he explained. The actor took the opportunity to recall that some great artists had already been the subject of such debate, as the writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline or the director Claude Autant-Lara. "He made terrible remarks at the end of his life (anti-Semites, ed) and yet it is the man who made the crossing of Paris and denounced the Occupation."

"When we dig into the intimacy of certain artists, we discover things"

"Afterwards, when we dig into the intimacy of certain artists, we discover things, from that moment, we have to judge the man, and not necessarily the artist, but sometimes it overlaps", continued Bruno Solo. According to him, sanctions are necessary.

Bruno Solo has also welcomed the tracks mentioned by Franck Riester to fight and prevent violence against women in the world of cinema. The Minister of Culture has proposed the appointment of a referent sexual harassment on filming, so that potential victims can report during a shoot. An idea "essential and reassuring", says the actor.