The song Het Dorp by Wim Sonneveld was chosen by the viewers of the SBS6 program on Sunday. The most beautiful song was voted the most beautiful song in the Netherlands. After the vote, the song ended at the top in the top ten music tracks that a professional jury had prepared.

In Het Dorp , comedian and singer Sonneveld, who died in 1974, sing melancholicly about the influence of progress on his fictional home village.

Tell me that it is not the Frank Boeijen Group's place in second place. Boudewijn de Groot's evening ended up in third place.

In the live broadcast final, Dutch singers sang the ten most popular songs chosen by viewers the previous weeks. They could choose from fifty songs in the program presented by Johnny de Mol. Jan Dulles sang Het Dorp .

The finale of The most beautiful song attracted 595,000 viewers on Sunday, accounting for seventeenth place in the list of best-watched television programs. The first episode of the program started on October 13 with 731,000 viewers.

Whether a second season of the most beautiful song is coming, is not yet known, a spokesperson for producer Talpa told


Jan Dulles sings The Village in The most beautiful song