In the Expedition Robinson , famous Dutch people try to survive on an uninhabited island. Every week someone drops out, who returns home disappointed. speaks with the dropout weekly. This week: Tim Coronel.

According to the viewers, Expedition Robinson has been all about the bonds for weeks. The physically strongest candidates must clear the field one by one. After the elimination of Kelvin Boerma (Kalvin) and Thomas Berge, it was obvious that Coronel would get into trouble if he did not gain immunity by winning the test.

This time the racing driver did not succeed. He beat Eva Cleven, who then took Eva Koreman to the winner's island, where Hugo Kennis and Shary-An Nivillac were still staying. Although Coronel did his best to turn the tide, he could not prevent him from being voted home with a large majority.

You are voted out and you walk away. What goes through your mind?

"I actually felt it coming. I knew there was a good chance that I would be voted out if I didn't win the test. During the test I made a mistake myself. I soon felt that this was it as if I had crashed during a race When I heard about the letters (the candidates who had not yet seen the letter from their loved ones could exchange their voting rights to still be able to open the letter, ed.) hope, but that didn't help. That I was voted out came in hard. But I knew it was coming. That's how it felt when I saw the episode. "

"The farewell is actually very fast. Ten thousand things happen in your head. Yet, once you know that the adventure is over, you quickly switch a button. I missed my family and so immediately wanted my phone to call them Then I saw that I had eighteen hundred messages on WhatsApp. When I called the home front, they were actually disappointed because I called too early and had not reached the final. I was not yet home! "

Did you soon realize that your fellow candidates wanted you out because you were a strong player?

"That actually became clear after the joint tests and the fusion. It felt like the spears were aimed at me, but they couldn't catch me as long as I made sure I won everything. I knew it would be my only chance and that puts extra pressure on the tests, of course, and the other candidates did not hide it either, they have told me several times that they think I am a nice guy, but that they wanted to vote me out because I was too strong. was actually the only one who indicated that he wanted to be in the final with me. "

What would you like to do differently afterwards?

"I do feel that I got the most out of it for myself. Of course I would have liked to sit in it longer, but I really intended to enjoy every moment - including the tests - and I did that But eventually you also need allies: if Kim (Kötter, ed.) Had won her trial on Devil's Island from Akwasi and had returned, then perhaps Kalvin and Thomas would not have voted out. I had to put in an extra vote afterwards, I thought we could make it, I might have thought better about things like that, but I'm glad I went into it uninhibited and didn't think too much about conspiracies. stayed and enjoyed every second. "

Viewers express their frustration via Twitter that the 'real Robinsons' are voted out and that this season is all about bonds. Did you experience this too?

"Now that I see the episodes on television, I notice that those bonds play a lot. But when I was on the island myself, I was less aware of it. I was mainly concerned with fishing, arranging food and exploring the island. I like it nice that the audience reacts so warmly to me, but I put my elimination on myself, I should have just won that test, I knew what I started when I decided to participate, I also understand why the game is played that way I would do the same with a stronger player if I were them. It is eating or being eaten. Everyone should play the game in such a way that they themselves have the best chance. At some point I had Fien (Vermeulen, ed.) Crying on my shoulder, because she was afraid that her tactics would not help her, but I then advised her to do what was necessary for her to stay in the game. "

What did you learn about yourself during your participation?

"That honesty always overcomes with me. And also with the viewers, is clear from the nice reactions I get. It really exploded: I get thousands of messages. I have learned to stand with a straight back in life. If you are proud on yourself, you can get the most out of it. "

Who surprised you during your participation?

"If I have to name one person, then Roy (Donders, ed.). What a nice guy that is. On television he is very different from how I experienced him. If you hear what he has experienced ... He I was really surprised. I also regretted Kalvin being gone so quickly. I would have liked him to be in it for longer. He is still a young pantsie, but he is straight in life. that is why we won so much. We had Kim as a kind of mother superior with us. There was immediate respect for each other and I thought that was beautiful. "

Who is going out the next episode?

"If you look at the bonds, it would be logical that Mariana (Verkerk, ed.) Is the next. But at the same time she is not really a threat to the rest. So it depends on how strategically they are going to play it. How then I also wish Hugo the most to win. "