In Hong Kong, there were violent clashes between police and activists over the weekend. The police used tear gas, demonstrators fired bows at arrows and threw Molotov cocktails at the officers. According to the law enforcement, a policeman was hit by an arrow on his leg. The man who worked for the police press office was taken to a hospital.

Hundreds of activists have entrenched themselves at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. They would need "a base to cache our material and rest at night before the fight continues the next morning," a university student said.

The city's colleges had become a new focus of protests over more than five months last week. Several universities then announced that they would terminate the semester prematurely. Two German students arrested on Friday were released after information from the German Press Agency.

For additional unrest caused a performance of Chinese soldiers on the streets of Hong Kong. For the first time since protests began in June, the soldiers abandoned their barracks on Saturday to help clean up.

On a video of the local station RTHK was seen how men of the Chinese People's Liberation Army unarmed in shorts and T-shirts create stones and other from the street near the Hong Kong Baptist University, which had previously been occupied by demonstrators.

The People's Liberation Army told Weibo in the Chinese online service that the soldiers helped clean a rubble near a road near their Kowloon Tong barracks. They were "applauded by local residents." A spokesman for the Hong Kong government said the soldiers' help had not been requested. The barracks have started the cleanup campaign "on their own initiative".

According to the Hong Kong Constitution, Chinese soldiers stationed in the Special Administrative Region are not allowed to leave the barracks. However, under Article 14, the Hong Kong Government may ask for their assistance if public order is in danger.

There have been mass protests in Hong Kong for months. They were initially directed against a planned law that would have made it possible for the first time to deliveries to China. Meanwhile, the protest movement demands comprehensive democratic reforms and the dismissal of the Prussian government. The protests repeatedly turn into violence, in November two people died.