Raymond van Barneveld (52) is busy in his last months as a professional darter. But the developments in his private life concern him more than the sporty loss. The darter tells that in the AD on Saturday.

His marriage to Syliva went wild after 24 years; he has been happy for a year now with his eighteen year younger girlfriend Julia. "Although it was all forbidden in the beginning of course. I was still married, I had to keep it secret. I didn't want pictures in weekly magazines. Of course there is age difference but we fit together." Dirty pedophile, bastard bastard, "I was told when I went with Julia. That touched me. "

He tries to relieve the tensions surrounding the divorce. "The button just goes out. They have to accept it. That is difficult. And for my ex-traumatic. I have to go on, and I wanted to get divorced anyway. That had nothing to do with Julia, but among other things with mutual problems with her and stepson Mike. I don't want to say too much about it. " Mike - officially Michael - is the son of Sylvia from an earlier relationship that was raised by Van Barneveld. With Sylvia he had two daughters.

Van Barneveld's ex-wife was robbed in their house last year. Van Barneveld: "There was a shout on social media:" That bastard's in Scotland! What a dick! " Then I think: what can I change about that? I was not there, I was at a tournament. That is one of the most frustrating things and my biggest shortcoming: I have not been there enough for my wife and children. "