Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ahmed, the first UAE national to have the opportunity to work on his mission to develop carbon composite materials for use in sensors.

Ibrahim, who grew up in Dubai and began his university studies at the UAE University - majoring in chemistry and mathematics, received a scholarship from the Dubai Police in the program of attracting the distinguished.

He joined the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom to study materials engineering, specifically polymer, with a scholarship from his employer, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and was apprenticed by the best specialists in the Department of Engineering. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 and received his Masters degree with distinction with first class honors, which enabled him to join the ranks of Cambridge University researchers.

Ibrahim received an offer from Cambridge to work on several projects with major companies, including Airbus in the field of lithium batteries, to join NASA as the first Emirati to be trained at the agency.

Abraham noted that after God, the Almighty, to get this valuable opportunity, is due to "support for the infinite good leadership, which is a fertile environment for creativity, and achieve excellence and excellence in various fields." “I am very happy to be the first Emirati to be trained at NASA among hundreds of brightest minds around the world. My mission is to develop carbon-based materials for use in sensors. ”

The UAE researcher, who dreams of being one of the leading countries in the field of nanotechnology for carbon compounds: «The most distinguishing characteristic of my trip (NASA) is the distinguished scientific level, and the extent of respect and appreciation of science; "It adds a footprint to this prestigious agency."

He advised the UAE youth: «Believe in yourself, and believe in your abilities to achieve your goals, no matter how difficult, and learn from mistakes, it is the beginning of the road to success, and close the door only to open another».

Ibrahim Ali Ahmed:

"I dream that the UAE will be a leader in carbon nanotechnology."

"Said Bakhtiari is among hundreds of applicants from the brightest minds from around the world."