Tourist guide, chef and academic .. Three citizens initiated an initiative to inform foreigners of the story of Emirati dishes and dishes, to spread the culture of tolerance and traditions of generosity in their country, by allowing others to get to know the lives of the Emirati family, and experience the details of the day of the habits, food and Arab hospitality .

The three UAE nationals, Hiba, Mira and Nadia, used their time to convey features of their local culture and folk food of pure Emirati self to tourists, turning in front of them the recipes of grandmothers and mothers, and introducing them to live cooking experiences to learn about the story of each food.

The tour guide, Hiba bin Reda, founder of the Kashta team, which offers free guided tours, said the team gives new information to visitors about the history of the old areas, which they do not find on the Web. 19 young men and women from the UAE, the idea of ​​tours to take tourists on walking tours in the heritage sites throughout the UAE, especially the heritage areas of Kedira, Bur Dubai and Al Fahidi district, to convey to them the local culture with the eyes of the UAE people themselves.

As for the Emirati cooking initiative for the UAE guests, she stressed that it aims to inform tourists about our Emirati cuisine and our delicious cuisine, and our traditions in welcoming guests, especially the children of foreign nationalities who are ignorant about our country and its people, or come to the UAE for the first time.

Hiba explained that her team «Kashta» invented this initiative based on the experience of Emirati cooking with a citizen of many years in the world of popular cuisine, allowing tourists the opportunity to see local cuisine «and give visitors - then the opportunity - to experience the cooking themselves with the help of professional chefs They then have their meals with our mentors, who share with them the traditions of Emirati hospitality, and answer all their questions in a spontaneous and pleasant atmosphere. ”

She said that the experience of live Emirati cooking was impressed by tourists, because it gave them the opportunity to learn about new aspects of the culture of the UAE and its people, through popular cuisine and experience the atmosphere of cooking fun with professionals from our team.

“The experience starts with visitors at the Abron & Gloves Cooking Academy in Umm Suqeim, wearing chefs' uniforms to live the whole atmosphere of the experience, and then they start cooking popular dishes, such as Makbous, Biryani, Lqimat and others. "They are used in every food, its secrets, the history and story of each, and our eating habits."

Once cooking is complete, visitors will go to a table decorated with traditional forms to enjoy what they have cooked in their own hands, according to the entrepreneur, and then be accompanied by guides who answer their questions and correct false ideas in a friendly atmosphere ».

Living experience

As for the reasons for joining the initiative, the chef Mira Adnan said that «the people of the UAE know their history, customs and past, and I believe that the citizen guide is better than others in the exercise of the task of informing the other on the history of his country, which lived by the moment, and the stages of development and urbanization, so I felt It was my turn to harness my popular culinary skills to introduce tourists to an important part of our Emirati culture, by showing them our cuisine full of special dishes and dishes ».

She added: «During the cooking experience organized by the team (Kashta), I learned the guests and visitors cooking methods Almjbos and tortillas, and changed their view of local cuisine, which is always accused of heavy and many steps can not be made by the foreigner, but in our simplified way and our steps, each of them was able to attend He had his own meal, to be satisfied with its taste, by adding Emirati spices and flavors that distinguish the local cuisine, and enjoy the different flavors between their dishes and food ».

Mira's beginnings in the culinary world go back four years, as I explained: “I discovered my skills in this field, and what encouraged me to continue to praise my friends and family for what I make of Emirati cuisine, which led me to deepen in the kitchen, and attracted me this world and educated myself more by reading the programs “I decided to enter the Scafa Cooking School, where I learned all the culinary arts on its origins and focused on the Emirati in particular.”


“I was excited about the initiative and was delighted to welcome the Kashta team and their initiative on Emirati cooking, especially as it is in line with the goals of the academy in spreading the culture of local cuisine rich in secrets and distinctive flavors that attracts Guests of the State ».

She added that «the Academy specializes in teaching the arts of the kitchen and its secrets, and to give the desires and desires experience certificates accredited by the most skilled international chefs, and hosts (chefs) Emiratis who want to spread the culture of local dishes».

"the Council"

The tour guide, Hiba Bin Reda, confirmed that the Emirati cooking initiative for UAE guests is not the first for her team, but preceded by several other initiatives, including the experience of «Majlis» during which they receive visitors in the Council of one of the UAE houses, to be hosted by coffee along with some dessert, so that guests know to Arabic coffee in our culture and its types and components and secrets and tales and proverbs that narrate around.

Hiba Ben Reda:

“We allow visitors to experience their own cooking with the help of professional chefs, and have their meals with our guides.”

Nadia Dahmani:

“We seek to spread a culture of local cuisine rich in charming flavors, which attracts state guests.”

Mira Adnan Free Membership

"I learned visitors and guests how to cook Majboos, Riqq and others, and changed their view of local cuisine."