The second edition of Al Dhafra Book Fair, organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, will kick off on 25 November in Madinat Zayed, Al Dhafra.

The exhibition, which will run until 29 January, will feature leading local publishing houses and institutions involved in the book industry, which will showcase the latest books and publications that meet the interests of different readers, as well as a range of events and interactive workshops, aimed at spreading the culture of reading, and promote knowledge.

Al Dhafra Book Fair is accompanied by a cultural program, which presents a range of topics that discuss various intellectual and cultural issues, by hosting a group of intellectuals and experts in various fields, in addition to the Creativity Corner, the Arts and Painters Corner, interactive programs and workshops for children.

Abdulla Majid Al Ali, Acting Executive Director of Dar Al Kutub, said: “Al Dhafra Book Fair is an important platform for publishers and writers to meet reading lovers and knowledge seekers in the Al Dhafra region. Ghani, gives visitors the opportunity to dialogue, and get acquainted with the writers and intellectuals ».

He pointed out that the exhibition is a platform for the latest books and publications, in line with the vision of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi to spread the culture of reading, to become a way of life in the community, through book fairs that contribute to raising awareness and enhance the cultural scene. The cultural program of the exhibition includes a symposium entitled «Emirati folklore and its impact on the poem», presented by the poet and media, Hamdan Al Deri, and discuss the structure of the Emirati poem, and its impact on the folklore, and the impact played by traditions and cultures in the formation of the poem.

The second symposium, entitled: "Culture of Citizenship and Promoting Community Members", presented by Emirati writer Mohammed Shoaib Al Hammadi, discusses the dialectic of the relationship between culture and citizenship, and the role played by the culture of citizenship in societies.

It also organizes a symposium entitled: “Nabataean and eloquent poetry, a pillar of our cultural heritage”, in which the poet and academic Talal Al-Junaibi and the poet Aida bin Masood will explore the UAE's cultural heritage based on the two poems.

The fourth symposium, “The Cultural Dimension of Our Environmental Consciousness”, is presented by Issa Al Shamsi.

The painters and arts corner activities include a number of workshops, including “Shapes and Space”, “Draw the Fade in Your Style”, “The Spirit of Union”, presented by artist Verne Brown, and “The Story Begins with Shapes” with Asma Al Shehhi and Workshops: “Stories from stones” and “Make book breaks out of wood”, by Ruth Barrows, as well as an “Eco-Friendly Craft” workshop by the artist Themar Halawani.

The Creativity Corner offers a series of workshops for children, such as Make Your Own Slim, an interactive activity where young people make a variety of slime in different colors. Robotics Lego offers participants the opportunity to learn how to create and design machines. Simple or Android, using Lego pieces.

One of the workshops provided by Creativity Corner is also a workshop with Canadian writer Gerald Mercer, who will take the audience on a journey towards his creative world, which includes a collection of beautiful stories, in addition to playing a bunch of songs from his new book «The Lost Others», and a workshop with The UAE writer Noura Al-Khouri discusses a number of her books on the UAE and its culture, along with a workshop with Emirati writer Jamal Al Shehhi, on his experiences in writing his book "The Trouble Diary" and the foundations of creative writing. Of paper, and «Challenge (Steam) p "Labyrinth," "Lego Challenge," "Make Your Fan," "Hydraulic Key," "Picasso Drawings," and "Interactive Independent Activities."

"open Sesame"

The exhibition includes a live show of the Lollipop Theater (Boss in Boots), which talks about courage, creativity, determination and loyalty in a classic children's play, and the live Open Sesame show, which addresses the values ​​of tolerance.

Abdullah Majed Al Ali:

“The exhibition is an important platform for publishers and writers to meet reading lovers and knowledge seekers in Al Dhafra.”