The new album of Quebec superstar Céline Dion, "Courage", is released Friday in France. There is no song in French but incursions in the field of electro and country, which could disarray his fan base. Will they follow her in this bend in the form of a real musical bet?

She's back! Celine Dion's new album, called Courage , is out on Friday in France. And it is clear that in his latest production, the Quebec superstar has decided to turn his back lyrical flights that we know him. In Courage , she is now more sober and only sings in English. It must be said that Jean Jacques Goldman did not participate in this album, whereas it was he who was behind his last tube Encore une soir , from the eponymous album, released in 2016.

The contest of Sia and David Guetta

This time, it is notably the Australian pop star Sia, who composed a title. DJ David Guetta has composed another. Logically, the result is eclectic, with twenty songs that alternate styles: electro, walks, but also a foray into the country.

How will fans react to this real musical challenge? "She released a lot of albums, every year or every two years, but then she managed to create the mystery and the wait like Mylène Farmer, Francis Cabrel or Renaud", says Thomas Chaline, author of Celine Dion, a hymn to life , a biography of the singer published last month (City editions).

"There are not so many hits, but it still attracts the crowds because it's Celine Dion," says the author, who expects a record sales. His latest album is one of the best selling discs of the year 2016, with 800,000 copies sold in France alone.