Two men threatened a camera crew of Eenvandaag on Friday around 3.45 pm with a weapon and robbed a professional television camera on the Albert Camuslaan in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

"They are doing well, but of course they are very shocked and very angry," says Eric Dekker, head of communications at AVROTROS. "They had been running all day and had just finished filming in the Bijlmer. Then a scooter approached them and they were threatened by a man with a gun. They couldn't see if the gun was real or fake."

The perpetrators then took off on the scooter. The reporter and cameraman remained unharmed. They have already lost all the filmed material, as well as the camera, which costs many thousands of euros.

Dekker cannot say whether EenVandaag is taking extra security measures. "We will discuss this further on Monday. But it is of course terrible that the free news gathering is abruptly interrupted in this way. It is certainly not the case that we will no longer film in the Bijlmer."

No one has yet been arrested.