The 23-year-old Splinter Chabot, presenter and former chairman of the JOVD, may call himself the Best-Dressed Man of 2019, says Esquire . He is also the youngest candidate ever to win this title.

On Thursday evening during the annual lifestyle magazine for men, Chabot received his award from actress Elise Schaap, Esquire editor Jonathan van Noord and editor-in-chief Arno Kantelberg.

Pieter de Waard (chair Telstar), Willem de Bruin (rapper), Yung Felix (hip hop artist), Frank van der Lende (radio DJ), Kenneth Pérez (football analyst) and Edson Sabajo (co-founder Patta) were co-nominated.

For 22 years Esquire has chosen the Best Dressed Man of the Netherlands. Pim Fortuyn was the first, Humberto Tan the second. Chabot takes over from presenter Daan Boom, the winner of 2018.