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Muscle epilepsy case Former associate nurse of imprisonment fixed indefinitely Supreme Court also does not accept retrial


19 years ago at a clinic in Sendai City, a former associate nurse who was sentenced to life imprisonment for being charged with murdering a patient by putting a muscle preparation into an infusion ...

Muscle seizure case Former associate nurse indefinite prison sentence Supreme Court did not approve again, November 15 16:57

About 19 years ago, the Supreme Court reexamined and tried the former associate nurse who was sentenced to life imprisonment for being charged with killing a patient by injecting a muscle preparation into a drip at a clinic in Sendai. Decided not to accept redo.

In 2000, Mamoru Daisuke Inmate (48), an assistant nurse at the “Hokuryo Clinic” in Izumi Ward, Sendai City, killed an 89-year-old woman by putting a muscle preparation into the drip of an inpatient. Indefinite imprisonment was confirmed for crimes and crimes that attempted to kill four children, including young children.

The defense team argued that the change in the patient's condition was not caused by the muscle epilepsy and was not incidental. We submitted a new proof of opinion from the expert that was wrong.

The Sendai District Court and the Sendai High Court did not accept the reexamination of the opinion as “not clear evidence to acquit,” and the defense team made a special appeal to the Supreme Court.

In this regard, Judge Kazuichi Hayashi of the 3rd Supreme Court of the Supreme Court decided to reject the special appeal by the 15th and did not allow a retrial.

Source: nhk

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