Monica Naranjo can no longer fit divas in the body. From that fantasy of bicolor hair that made us so crazy, crazy, Mrs. Figueras has passed through all the states of divism; It has been diva pop and diva disco, symphonic diva, diva in prime time, diva in Chueca and in the Liceu, diva in the things of sex, diva in Mexico nice. With so many edges, then, by revealing the fabulous figure of its 45 years, it is almost impossible to guess.

So who is Monica? An aunt who has always done what she wanted, although very judicious and with a soldier discipline. Many people say 'I want to be a singer'. But between wanting and being prepared there is an abyss. Being a singer is not becoming a celebrity and walking through a red carpet. You have to be very brave, and I have been, that is, you have adapted and evolved. If God gives you talent, why content yourself with something you already know how to do? And what about the ego? I had it, an immense ego, but I ended up running away. The ego is bullshit, a toxicity to the brain. It will take you to the summit, but you will end up alone.

The interview comes to the case for a round anniversary, of those that only happen once every quarter century: just turned 25 years of musical career, 25 laps in the tremendous sun, 25 summers that were once also winters. And with such an event, Renaissance publishes, a triple CD that chronologically tracks the songs with the most punch in its repertoire, and where collaborations with Raphael, La Jurado or Mina are included, as well as six songs never before published on Madame Noir's tour .

And Monica, meanwhile, comes and goes through life as if nothing , because she never kept track of the passage of time. "This has taken me by surprise," he confesses. «If you ask me, I will tell you that two days ago I picked up my bag and, with 19 years and a lot of fear, I went to Mexico. That is all I can remember ».

Mónica Naranjo, yesterday in Madrid.Ángel Navarrete

To round off all these expenses, Chueca - "my house," he says - has organized an exhibition of photographic material, costumes and memorabilia that zigzags through all the seams of Monica, from that electrifying youth to the wounded maturity of recent times. Then La Naranjo comes from a divorce that has turned his life upside down. And he explains: «Of course I suffer, like all emotional people. The other day they asked me that, if I am not human, what else I would like to be. And you know what I said? A stone".

How exaggerated ... From a certain age we begin to experience the loss, and that hurts. I have lost someone whom I loved very much and whom I miss every day. But I have also learned to accept that you have to go. With how good the stove is for you ... That you screw up. Tonight, what would you cook for me? A good sushi, something light. And if you want to lose weight, I make a smoothie with a lot of vegetables and you go to bed.

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