At the microphone of Matthew Christmas, Mathieu Madénian tells his relationship with the late Charles Aznavour, and delivers a surprising anecdote: he should have made the first part of an anniversary show of the legend of the French song for his 95 years.


"He was very simple, we saw each other once every three to four months." Guest of the wild equiped Friday, Mathieu Madénian, comedian of Armenian origin, returned on his relationship with the legend of the French song Charles Aznavour, died on October 1, 2018, and delivers an anecdote to the microphone of Europe 1.

"I really want him to be dead"

"I've been eating with the producers of Charles Aznavour lately, and I learned that he wanted to do Bercy for his 95 years [Charles Aznavour died at age 94, ed.] And when they asked him what singer he wanted to do the first part of his show, he replied: 'the little Armenian, Mathieu Madénian, and I want his name on the poster', "says the comedian.

Surprised, the producers then ask Charles Aznavour if it is a good idea, because people will come to hear him sing and that his first part would be "a guy who makes jokes". But the legend insists and would have even added: 'I want it to be featured on the US poster!' "So I blame him a lot for being dead," the comedian says with a laugh.

Mathieu Madénian also told the first time that Charles Aznavour had come to see him in show. "He arrives in the box after the performance, I ask him how it was," recalls the comedian. "He answers that he did not understand because he had forgotten his hearing aid!"