The traditional fishing industry is on the decline and fishermen in the coastal villages of the English region of Cornwall are finding it increasingly difficult to feed. But Martin, the main character of Bait, refuses to abandon his way of life.

- I know many people like Martin and I have a part of him in myself, says Mark Jenkin to the Culture News.

Director Mark Jenkin himself comes from Cornwall where he still resides. Now he is being praised for best direction at the Stockholm Film Festival.

"The price is top because it has been difficult at times to convince people to make this kind of film. I make films in a rather unconventional way, so it gives the film team confirmation that it is still and appreciated," says Mark Jenkin.

Brexit theme

Mark Jenkin's films are made with a 16 mm camera and brought to mind the film's black-and-white cradle, with flickering gentle and lip-sync that is in vain. In the UK, the film has often been linked to Brexit as it depicts a deep gap between progressive Londoners and more traditional locals - and because Cornwall is a strong Brexit stronghold.

- I didn't make it as a "Brexit movie", but I can definitely see the connections. This movie describes some of the problems we have in the UK today, says Mark Jenkin.

The film will be shown for the last time in Sweden on Sunday 17 November during the Stockholm Film Festival. It is still unclear if it will go up cinemas across Sweden in the future.