The German Bundestag supported the bill, which allows the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to be removed from the European rules. And this despite the groans of European "well-wishers" of this project, as well as the grinding of teeth and sanctions from the United States.

This project, of course, is beneficial for Europe, including Germany, which refuses coal and nuclear energy, but the problem of implementation is in the incited political phobias. Hence the EU gas directives that prevented the completion of the construction and launch of Nord Stream 2, which hindered it with many restrictions and requirements. In Europe, politicians convinced themselves, and they were whispered that the gas pipeline is the clawed paw of a Russian bear, which creeps up to the throat of energy security of the Old World.

In addition, Ukraine takes care of its benefits and is preventively suffering from the possible impoverishment of the flow of transit gas stimulants. For her, Nord Stream 2 is like a sickle in the emerging democracy. It would be better if it did not exist at all, and if it does, then it will be half empty in loading. And they are fighting for it.

It turns out that the same Europe is wanted and pricked, and the States do not order, and Ukraine shakes its hat in sorrow that it will run out of coins from the transit of Russian gas. Where to fill? In the same Europe, since I had contracted the Independent campaign for democratic values ​​and all kinds of earthly joys.

Restraining Ukrainian, as well as other interested parties, tantrums in Germany with statements that they need both Nord Stream 2 and gas transit through Ukraine. Of course, we need it, otherwise they will sit on the neck and dance their warlike hopak on it ... The fact is that Russia does not refuse transit through Ukraine, it is ready to supply gas there, and at a reduced price. This, in particular, was stated by President Putin at the end of the BRICS summit. But the situation is complicated by the Ukrainian authorities themselves and Naftogaz, which is stamping lawsuits against the Russian side. That is, the technology there is approximately similar - both in relations with Europe and with Russia. Only with the first side everything is done with openings and smiles, and when this does not work — with a moan and cry, and with the second — with angry attacks, a grin and other forms of demonstrating one's “strength” and independence ...

In general, the history of Nord Stream 2 demonstrates very clearly the struggle of the old fears and addictions of Europe with new thinking.

In the old format, everything is clear and worked out. Here is a fierce and unpredictable Russia, which should not be trusted, but only restrained, otherwise it will throw off masks, and there is animal fur, claws and fangs. On the other hand, the best friend, older brother, or even overlord, is the United States. The fact that the States are fighting for their economic goals by any political methods is tolerant, all the better than the heart-rending roar of a huge eastern "beast." Yes, and there, on the top of the world Olympus, they know and manage everything better as they should, therefore they should be fully trusted, otherwise where do you go from a submarine of the highest democratic values? There are still young Europeans in education who need to be taught not only to the mind, but also to babysit and support, so that their craving for “light” does not fade prematurely.

This is a family-type hostel with a formidable commandant at his head, heading between rocks and underwater reefs ...

Again, realities testifying to the fact that the world is changing rapidly and attempts to hide in the hole of political autism will not bring anything good to this “fortress” of democracy. America itself is tired of its role as a pioneer of liberal and democratic values, it has long been a desire to untie its hands, throw off all ballasts and obligations, to achieve only the achievement of its own interests, stepping over all others.

And conditional lower classes do not want to live in the old way. More and more look towards the light of sovereignty. What are the “manifestos” of French President Emanuel Macron about the awakening of Europe with military sovereignty, independence from the dictates of the States and the normalization of relations with Russia, which are artificially inflated to an inappropriate character.

So the Bundestag’s decision on Nord Stream 2 is a manifestation of the very European new thinking with a desire for independence and an attempt to get rid of the US economic dictatorship that goes around the world in political skins. In the common chorus of the EU with the Young European Dancing, strict discipline and equalization in the ranks of the United States is still preserved, but many, if they do not go apart from this system, will already think about their path and independence. To flatter yourself, of course, is not worth it. The path to sovereignty is long, and the process of teaching freedom is difficult.

It is symptomatic that in parallel with this step of the Bundestag, Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the BRICS business forum in Brazil spoke of various negative “blossoms” in the global economy, which is due to the fact that it is firmly associated with politics. Here, on the one hand, there are sanctions put on stream, and on the other, protectionism and unfair competition. In the story of Nord Stream 2, all of this was entangled in a special vice, if not a hydraulic press, with which they are trying to crush the project. The interest of the United States, which is not averse to trading its gas, is understandable, but in Europe it can translate into the principle of “spiteless frostbite of the ears”, if everything goes according to the precepts of the older brother.

Having removed the obstacles to the implementation of the gas pipeline project, the German Bundestag separated economic grains from political weeds. He moved the conversation about an extremely profitable project to the economic plane, in which it is only possible to solve it. The self-serving interests of the States, no less reverent concern for Ukraine’s own benefit, as well as the fears of some Euro-states are set aside.

Otherwise, nothing could be decided in this tangle, as well as sound reasoning.

It must be understood that political shadows will continue to haunt Nord Stream 2. And the States will try to nightmare and blackmail, and a long approval process will be imposed. The struggle of the old approaches, political and ideological stagnation with new thinking and the desire for sovereignty in Europe will continue. But this step of the German parliamentarians is extremely important. It testifies precisely to the awakening of Europe, which Macron is seeking. The gas pipeline is one of the markers of the struggle of former dreams and dreams with modern reality.

Therefore, it is not surprising that literally the day after the decision of the Bundestag, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke on the phone with the head of the European Council Donald Tusk. The subject of conversation was precisely the notorious “energy security of Europe”. Ukraine is very concerned about this issue, for it it is selfish and concerns its own moshna. And here you should recall the phrase from the "Caucasian Captive": "And you do not confuse your personal coat with the state!"

In this case, with the European ... I must add that Zelensky found quite a soul mate for conversation and complaints. It was Tusk who called Russia "the strategic problem of Europe." But let's hope that such carriers of cave political phobias are a departing nature in European politics. The stagnation of Europe must be overcome.

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