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Megumi Yokota, 42 years since the abduction, Mother Sakie talks


15 years have passed since Megumi Yokota, who was a first grader in junior high school, was kidnapped by North Korea. Mother Saeki interviewed NHK…

Megumi Yokota, 42 years since the abduction.

15 years have passed since Megumi Yokota, who was a first grader in junior high school, was kidnapped by North Korea. In response to NHK ’s interview with her mother, Sakie, she said, “I want my family to get my children back as soon as possible,” and urged them to reunite with their relatives.

Megumi Yokota was kidnapped by North Korea on November 15, 1977, on the way from Niigata City's junior high school.

Ms. Megumi, who was 13 years old at that time, celebrated her 55th birthday last month.

The mother, Sakie (83), said that 42 years have passed since the abduction, “What is the Japanese nation doing? The family has never changed. “I think I have to keep my energy up so that I do n’t fall down and do n’t cry while holding down that,” he said.

His father, Shigeru, who became 87 years old on the 14th, has been in the hospital since last year, but Sakie said, “Megumi's brother, Tetsuya” “Megumi-chan is also working hard, so you have to wait,” she says, “I know.” I want you to get the children back as quickly as possible. ” I strongly urged you to meet again.

On top of that, “I think that Kim Jong-eun ’s heart will bring peace to the other country. Returning the victims will bring great joy,” I would like to thank you so much for your support, and I hope the negotiations will make everyone happy, ”said Kim Jong Eun, chairman of the Korean Labor Party in North Korea. I asked for a decision.

And finally, about Megumi in North Korea, “The whole family is doing their best, so you ’re just saying that you ’re going to do it too. I feel that it was a tremendous 42 years, and it's really terrible, so I just want to say that I'm just taking care of my health.

Mr. Akira Hasuike

Ms. Hasuike, who was kidnapped by North Korea and returned home 17 years ago, lived in the same district as Megumi Yokota in Pyongyang for a period until 1994.

In response to NHK's interview, Mr. Hasuike revealed Megumi's state and memories at that time.

Mr. Hasuike, who interacted with Megumi-san, said, “Megumi-san was studying various things about Japan, such as geography, history, and the national system. I worked on translation, so the materials are Megumi-san. Megumi had cut and scrapped it, and it was not a big problem because it was a censored material from North Korea, but it was not a big problem in Japan, or even photos of the Emperor's Majesty. I had an interest and a cut-out. I was very strong in thinking that I would go back to Japan someday. "

Regarding Megumi's safety, North Korea explained that he had committed suicide, but it was another person's DNA from the remains that were given as "Megumi's thing" during the 2004 North Korea-Practical Consultation. The explanation is known to be inconsistent and incorrect.

Mr. Hasuike said, “It ’s hard to think that it ’s going to die, as North Korea says, because it ’s very strong about Japan. In North Korea, there ’s no media to squeeze, no people to expose, It's easy to hide and survive and keep victims, not emotional and emotional problems, family members believe in living on the basis of science and want to rescue based on it That ’s why. ”

On top of that, “I don't know what the victims are in, but North Korea may be managing them one by one with the idea of ​​returning them to Japan. I have to stay in the horizontal connection for years, so I have to stop some of the victims, so I might want to get the curtain off. That said, he called for a persistent government effort.

Source: nhk

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