Alleged possession of rugby All Blacks fake goods Three men arrested 11:41 on November 13

Three men of Israeli nationality were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of possessing counterfeit goods of New Zealand representative of Rugby, All Blacks for sale. It means that the charges are denied to the investigation.

Three people, including Israeli national suspect Kancas Itan (43), were arrested.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, on October 6, near the Tokyo stadium in Chofu, Tokyo, there was a suspicion of violating the Trademark Law as possessing 94 counterfeit mufflers with the New Zealand representative and All Blacks logo for sale. It is.

At the Tokyo stadium, the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament was held against New Zealand vs Namibia, and the tournament officials patroling around the venue reported and discovered it.

Kancas suspected that he imported goods from China and sold them at four venues such as Tokyo and Yokohama during the tournament, and he entered Japan at every major sporting event.

In response to the investigation, the suspect Kancas stated that he “did not think it was registered in Japan” and denied the charges.