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RTVE has confirmed on Wednesday that it will not fight for the broadcasting rights of the Spanish Super Cup that will be played in Saudi Arabia in early January with the participation of four teams, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Valencia and Atlético de Madrid .

The public corporation thus renounces to broadcast the competition to be held in the city of Jeddah for humanitarian reasons in the face of allegations of breach of human rights in Saudi Arabia and for economic reasons , as sources of the entity have indicated to Europa Press.

Likewise, from the public corporation they have remembered that it is a decision based on coherence taking into account that RTVE is committed to women's sports and Saudi Arabia is a country that does not respect human rights and specifically those of women.

"If in RTVE we bet on women's sport, what do we do in a country where women are imprisoned for defending their rights? " The sources consulted have told Europa Press.

The great concern for the organization of the tournament in the Arab country continues to be respect for women's rights. In this regard, Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) , has repeatedly insisted that the decision to organize the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia is an ideal measure for "women end up having the same rights than men. "

"We had the challenge of helping the children of Saudi Arabia to improve through sport," he said. "We believe in football as a social and exchange tool and accept the transformation challenge in Saudi Arabia with a Super Cup that will undoubtedly be the most exciting in history," he said when the venue was known.

After knowing the decision to dispute the Spanish Supercup in Saudi Arabia, organizations such as Amnesty International reminded the REF "the history of human rights violations" accumulated by the Arab country and that include "the widespread use of the death penalty or torture and other ill-treatment of detained persons ", as well as" discrimination against women or restrictions on freedom of expression ".

"We did not want to turn our backs on the people of Arabia and we are going to collaborate with Saudi football to serve as a tool for social change and men and women will benefit," Rubiales said, regretting that "some opinions" are "created."

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