HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, congratulated the winners and participants of the fourth edition of the Arab Reading Challenge, stressing that the Arab world is the real winner of the Arab Reading Challenge Champions. His Highness said: “The heroes of the reading challenge are the hope of our Arab region to contribute effectively to the march of humanity towards progress.”

This came during the coronation of His Highness the student Hadeel Anwar from the Republic of Sudan champion to challenge the Arab reading in its fourth session, in a rally yesterday hosted by Dubai Opera, in the presence of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation and Secretary General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation Maktoum International Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, attended by more than 3000 people, where she won the Arab heroine in reading A cash prize of AED 500,000.

Winners of hope

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: "We are the winners of our Arab youth reader, the winners of the hope they cultivate in our homeland. Our young people demonstrate that the Arab region is able to resume its long history of producing knowledge and science for the good of mankind." His Highness continued, “Every participant in the Arab Reading Challenge among the 13.5 million students is a project for the future that sows hope for a bright tomorrow.” His Highness said: “Our mission is to nurture reading heroes, invest in them and support them to set an example for tens of millions of young people inside and outside the Arab world. ».

His Highness said: «Reading is the beginning of the road to a better future based on science and knowledge .. And the nations that read have the lead of progress, and concluded His Highness by saying:« the Arab nation is able with its ambitious and persevering and armed with science and knowledge to restore the status it deserves among nations ».

His Highness honored the Imam Al-Nawawi School of Saudi Arabia, which won the title of `` Distinguished School '' in the fourth edition of the Arab Reading Challenge 2019, and won the prize of one million dirhams, while His Royal Highness Princess Amira Naguib of Egypt was awarded the prestigious 'Supervisor' award, worth 300,000 dirhams. His Highness also crowned student Mahmoud Bilal from Sweden as a champion of the Arab Reading Challenge for Arab students living outside the Arab world, and won a prize of AED 100,000.

Heroes Challenge

The ceremony was the culmination of the Arab Reading Challenge champion to conclude a new marathon season of the Arab Reading Challenge in its fourth session, under the umbrella of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation. More than 13.5 million students from 49 Arab countries and non-Arab countries in which Arab communities reside, and witnessed the follow-up and encouragement of millions of viewers across the Arab world who accompanied and supported the 2019 edition It was characterized by the conversion of the semi-finals to a television program that combines the competitions and reality TV and participated in 16 champions crowned the title of Arab Reading Challenge champion in 14 Arab countries, and followed his seven episodes, which were broadcast weekly on MBC screen millions of viewers around the world.

Strong competitions

Hadeel Anwar, a student from the Republic of Sudan, won the title of the Arab Reading Challenge Champion 2019, in the largest knowledge initiative of its kind in the Arab world in its fourth edition, after strong competitions with the other four finalists. Hadeel's victory came after she was able to answer the jury's question, showing an exceptional ability to express her ideas fluently and ably in a sound Arabic language, which prompted the audience of the ballroom to give her the highest voting rate among the five contenders, which contributed with the high rating obtained from The jury decided to win the title in its favor, in addition to the cumulative evaluation that earned it through its outstanding performance in the Arab Reading Challenge program over seven weeks of taking various tests and challenges.

Outstanding performance

The other contenders, the heroine Jumana al-Maliki from Saudi Arabia, the heroine Fatima Zahra Akhyar from Morocco, and the heroine Aya Boutreaa from Tunisia, and the hero Abdul Aziz al-Khalidi from Kuwait, which made it difficult to choose a single hero to challenge the Arab reading this year among them, where students were able The finalists deal with the questions of the jury with confidence and empowerment, as their diverse reading aggregate is reflected in their performance, which has been well received by the jury and the public.


The five students came in first place after the semi-finals, which were broadcast in seven weekly episodes of the Arab Reading Challenge program, with millions of viewers watching on television. The qualifiers were characterized by suspense and excitement and the diversity of cultural and cognitive challenges among 16 competing heroes crowned in 14 Arab countries, and passed through multiple stages as the heroes were divided into two teams of eight heroes each, and took place between the heroes of each team, which led to the entry of some heroes into the circle The danger before a number of them to save himself and return to the safety zone, where these competitions resulted in the exit of a number of heroes respectively.

Judgement comity

The judging panel of the 4th Arab Reading Challenge was composed of Dr. Berwen Habib, Tunisian writer Dr. Laila Al-Obeidi, professor of Arabic language at the Faculty of Arts, University of Sharjah, and artist and director Jamal Suleiman, who managed the qualifiers in its semi-final and final stages according to accurate scientific standards. , Through the challenges and knowledge competitions between the heroes and various questions posed to the contestants for the title, in order to test the extent of their talents and abilities and cognitive speed and intuitive, and fluent in the expression, and proficiency in the formulation and arrangement of ideas, and express them Smooth and attractive Arabic language intact form.

Distinguished School

The final ceremony of the Arab Reading Challenge 2019 was awarded the title of Distinguished School in the fourth session of the Imam Al-Nawawi School from Saudi Arabia, after being selected among the three schools that reached the final stage. The winning school received a prize of one million dirhams to develop the school's educational capabilities and support its knowledge programs.

In addition to the winning school, it reached the finalist of the title of the outstanding school for the Arab Reading Challenge 2019: `` Tripoli Al-Hadidain Official Secondary School for Girls '' from the Lebanese Republic, and Al-Rams School for Basic Education from the UAE.

Full participation

The Imam Al-Nawawi School from Saudi Arabia witnessed the full participation of its 566 students in this year's Arab Reading Challenge. Each student read 50 books, six of which reached the final level at the governorate level, and three students reached the finalist nationwide. The school has organized 103 cultural and community initiatives and events to promote reading at the school and community levels, in addition to organizing Arab initiatives and events, including participating in the Sharjah International Book Fair. The school also paid special attention to the group of students with special needs and non-Arabic speaking students.

Public participation

For the third year in a row, the public participated in the selection of the distinctive school, after people in the Arab region and around the world were allowed to vote on the website to contribute to the selection of the most outstanding school of this year. The website recorded a record interaction with the call to vote during the week before the closing ceremony of the fourth edition of the Arab Reading Challenge.

Vice President:

"Reading is the beginning of the road to a better future based on science and knowledge."

"Our mission is to nurture the reading heroes, to invest in them and to support them as role models for Arab youth."

"The heroes of the reading challenge are the hope of our Arab region to contribute effectively to humanity's progress towards progress."


Media representatives Ahmed Al Yammahi and Plan saw the closing ceremony, which was broadcast live on MBC screen in the presence of more than 3000 people, including a large number of senior officials and ministers of education in a number of Arab countries, in addition to Arab and international cultural figures and representatives of the diplomatic corps in the country The delegates included students, supervisors and school officials from 49 countries, as well as a host of intellectuals, media professionals and influential celebrities.

The land will remain Arab

Majida Al Roumi, the Lebanese singer, participated in the closing ceremony of the fourth session of the Arab Reading Challenge with an exclusive work titled “The Earth Will Remain Arab”, to be a message of hope and knowledge to all the Arab world. The song is written by the Egyptian poet Medhat El Adl, composed by Lebanese musician Michel Fadel.


One thousand schools and 99 thousand supervisors and supervisors.

Imam Al-Nawawi School from Saudi Arabia receives the title of "Distinguished School" in the Arab world.

Amira Naguib from Egypt wins the title of "Distinguished Supervisor" in the Arab world.