There is no dispute that e-services have made a qualitative leap in the work of institutions, and made a big difference in the lives of customers, and contributed to facilitate and ease people by a large percentage, but I still see the need for all federal and local institutions to monitor and monitor the effectiveness of the performance of electronic programs, and make sure Their ability to meet customer demands, because many of them do not work all the time, and some of them can not keep up with the pressure on them, then e-services become an obstacle to customers, not a catalyst for them to facilitate their lives.

The volume of services provided over the Internet and through telephone applications is very large, and there is no federal or local institution, whether small or large, has not been transferred electronically, so the number of e-services is estimated in the thousands, and the number of e-transactions is undoubtedly reaches millions annually, and this without Doubt is a remarkable development, which is required, because it is in line with the government's tendencies in simplifying procedures, and to make people happy and relieve the dealers, but it needs the continuous work and redoubled effort of these institutions.

There is no doubt that it means the huge responsibility on the institutions and government agencies, to ensure the effectiveness of the performance of these applications and electronic programs as required, and the speed required, and ease necessary to complete transactions without complication or delay or slow in the work of the devices, and this requires keeping up with these large numbers of services follow-up system Continuous monitoring and maintenance, to ensure that they do everything required of them without «suspension» response for long hours, and several days in some cases, and without complications in access to the customer service, and without repetition in the requests necessary to terminate transactions.

Some e-services take a very long time, dealers did not entrust them in the time of clearing transactions manually, some need more than two weeks to send electronic approval, while the number of approval words does not reach 20 words, and some are difficult to download the paperwork required to send electronically, and some exaggerate in the request The necessary paperwork for a simple transaction, and there is no doubt that dealers have more observations .. Does not require periodic verification of all sites and electronic applications, to reach the ultimate goal set by the government, which is to provide services around the clock conveniently, easy and uncomplicated .. With the least effort mm N ?!

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