Ernst Daniël has Parkinson's disease. He announced that to PAUW tonight.

For a long time the singer wanted to keep it to himself because he did not want to admit it.

"I'm just afraid that if I say I have a brain disease, people will treat me differently. But I can do almost anything with Parkinson's," said the 66-year-old singer.

About six weeks ago the singer was also a guest at PAUW. Then to talk about the Stoptober campaign. As a result of that broadcast, Smid received a lot of negative reactions about his poor intelligibility and comments that he might be sitting drunk at the table. Now it is clear that this was due to the disease.

Rob de Nijs, who also has Parkinson's and shared this earlier this year, says in the program that he is relieved to have shared it with the world. De Nijs says his work is not affected. "I can still sing well, but I will sit down." This is not entirely for Smid. He says he can still sing, but he cannot do 'the heavy work' anymore.

Smid now says to be relieved and happy to not have to explain anything anymore. "I just go on living and what I can sing, I can sing. I can write stories, I'm working on a biography. Anyone can write books, so why not me. I want to mean something to people with Parkinson's."