The five-part documentary series 'History of the Emirates' will be aired on November 24 at a number of local TV stations in the UAE.

The rich series dates back some 125,000 years from the history of the UAE, from the Paleolithic period, to the union in 1971.

It sheds light on different historical epochs and recounts the emirate's rich heritage through five episodes on topics: Society, Innovation, Trade, Faith, and Unity.

The documentary series 'History of the Emirates' relied on a range of modern technologies, such as computer imaging (CGI) and 360-degree imaging, and included a number of footage of archaeological sites that have not been shown before.

National day

Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism, said: “We are delighted and excited to present this unique documentary series to the public. We are coming to celebrate the National Day. And highlighting its present and honorable present on the one hand, as we provide a pioneering journey of exploration of an ancient civilization will not be seen by viewers who do not know our region well on the other ».

He added: «This rich work will attract citizens and residents, who share a passion to learn the story of the emergence of the UAE and its beginnings and ancient history, regardless of their age, nationality or cultural background».

The UAE History documentary series is a co-production of Image Nation Abu Dhabi, an Oscar-winning media and entertainment content company, and Atlantic Productions, one of the world's leading producers of real-time Emmy Awards and British Academy Awards. BAFTA, known for her outstanding documentary works, such as the "Great Barrier Reef" of naturalist David Attenborough and "Coronation" with Queen Elizabeth of Britain.

The production partners also collaborated to develop a three-part series of UAE History documentaries targeting the international audience, presented by Oscar-winning English actor Jeremy Irons, to be aired globally on National Geographic as of December 1.

Deep in the Gulf

Anthony Geffen, chief executive and creative director of Atlantic Productions, said: “The UAE History Series includes more than 100,000 years of remarkable history of the UAE, as well as important insights into its unique culture and landscape. At Atlantic Productions, we were delighted to produce this series, and to work with many talented people in the UAE, benefiting from new research and outstanding experts. ”

“Our teams have employed LiDar and underground radar sensing and detection technology to detect and revive ruined archaeological sites, and innovative imaging systems, drones and computerized image technology have helped us tell the UAE's impressive story through real and semi-real images.” .

In addition to the rich content of this documentary series, viewers will enjoy an interactive application of smart phones and virtual reality experiences, where they will dive into the depths of the Arabian Gulf with divers looking for pearls, wandering in the deserts of the UAE, and explore the Palace of the Fort.

The five-part documentary series will be shown on National Geographic Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, Dubai One, Sama Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Baynounah TV, Al Dhafra TV, Ajman TV and Jordan Vision TV.

"the society"

The first episode, “Society”, introduces the beginnings of the societies of the UAE some 125,000 years after the arrival of the first human migrations.


In the second episode entitled “Innovation,” the series tells how the people of the UAE have lived in one of the world's toughest climates for thousands of years, thanks to their exceptional ability to innovate continuously in fishing, agriculture and governance.


During the “Trade” episode, viewers will learn how the UAE has for centuries been a link for people from all over the world, from ancient trade routes through Maliha and Al Dour to modern shipping and transportation networks in contemporary UAE.


The fourth episode, titled “Faith,” explores outdated religious rituals. The seminar focuses on the role and status of UAE land as a beacon of peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the other, and lists how Islam and other religions, such as Christianity, originated in the Sir Bani Yas Monastery.


The last episode «Unity» highlights events and trends towards unity in the UAE. The series concludes by exploring the origins and tales of the valiant nation's tribes over the past 200 years, and how they fought and united to form the UAE in 1971.