Toei Asakusa Line 18km mortar fall on vehicle November 12, 21:04 on all routes inspection

On the morning of the 12th, a mortar piece weighing over 18 kilograms was found falling on the Toei Asakusa line vehicle, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau determined that it had fallen off from the ceiling of the tunnel. In the future, we will carry out inspections on all lines of the Toei Subway.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau, at around 8:40 am on the 12th, passengers see a mortar piece falling on the train of a direct train that has run on the Asakusa line of the Toei subway at Keisei Takasago Station of Keisei Electric Railway. Found and contacted the station staff.

The mortar piece was about 50 cm long, about 47 cm wide, about 7 cm thick and weighed over 18 kg, but there were no injuries and no delays in the train.

In response, the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau visually inspected the tunnel where the train traveled, assuming that the deteriorated mortar piece had peeled off from the ceiling of the tunnel in the Asakusa Line. It means that it has not been identified.

For this reason, the Transportation Bureau will continue to identify the location using work vehicles after the night operation on the 12th, and will inspect the tunnels on all Toei Subway lines in the future.

This means that there will be no impact on the 13th operation of the Asakusa Line.