That Risto Mejide has to teach yes or yes is something that all viewers already know. The publicist, presenter, writer, etc. Speak and feel a chair, or at least that's what you intend. He seems to be above good and evil, but the worst part is that he seems to be above whoever accompanies him. It's what happens in Got Talent. While his jurors, Edurne, Dani Martínez and Paz Padilla, try to see the talent, sometimes even where there is none, Risto is the scourge of the candidates. Everyone fears him, everyone believes that instead of going to show their talents they will get acceptance of Risto Mejide. So much so that from a time to being part every time the talent show gives the feeling that Risto is doing a separate program.

It is the no for the no and if he ever grants a yes he does it because he has no choice, because sinking them would be so shameful that not even the worst conscience admits it. So, it is not surprising that the gold button of Risto Mejide is one of the great events of Got Talent. Pressing the gold button means that the person who is given passes directly to the semifinal. Those of Dani Martínez or Paz Padilla, let's say, are easy buttons, they don't make themselves beg and they are always accompanied by immense emotion. Edurne's is the gold button for me, the fairest, most thoughtful, most analyzed decision. Edurne does not give the button for giving it, nor does he get carried away by emotions or feelings. Edurne gives the button being the fairest judge.

And then there is Risto Mejide. Knowing its passage through talent, the gold button of Risto Mejide should be pure orito, the real one, as it was with the poet César Brandon or when he gave it to the Minisolera children's dance group with the intention of "loading my image from Uncle Edge "... But it was all an illusion. Risto Mejide will always remain the border judge, the terrifying judge, the cherishing judge. His demand is such that sometimes the rope is so tight that the rope ends up breaking and hits him directly in the face.

Who does not remember the famous Tekila and that abandonment of Risto Mejide when from ForoCoches wanted to boycott the arrogance of the presenter? I still remember that final in which they returned it with their same currency. A boycott that responded to the arrogance of a judge who humiliated a contestant who, perhaps, should never have won, but who never deserved anyone's contempt.

Well, Risto Mejide has done it again or at least lit the spark that can make history repeat itself. Again, his pride, his arrogance and his need to have to be always giving lessons to his teammates have led him to make a decision that he now thinks has been the best to reprimand his partner Dani Martínez, but that, as it already happened With El Tekila, you can turn against him and become one of the most ridiculous and bizarre nights in the history of television.

Yes, last night was not the best night of Risto Mejide in Got Talent. First, a hard confrontation with Edurne, with his Edurne, which ended the singer pissed off his nose with the presenter. The reason, as always, that Risto Mejide only sees talent where he feels like it and that no matter how much his mouth is filled with saying that it is the only objective and that he really values ​​for the talent of the aspirants, He has assumed the role of a bad jury - all the editions of Got Talent in all parts of the world have a Risto Mejide - that he loses justice to the detriment of his show.

The Monster Move dance group arrived and, not only did they dance well, but they also demonstrated to have a claw and a force on the stage, that no matter how tired we are of so much dance group and so much hip wig it must be valued with the Justice they deserve, and the justice they deserved was to say yes. But Risto Mejide is a very hard nut to crack, because his role in Got Talent is none other than being the judge who, speaking badly and soon, has to touch the balls to applicants and teammates. If he wasn't Got Talent it would be a vie en rose, and that's not it either, isn't Telecinco?

"For me it's a no because I don't see you contribute anything," Risto Mejide snapped at the dancers. "You have not done anything that we have not seen before," he sentenced and ignited Edurne. His partner, with whom he seems to get along better than with the rest, could not bear the unfair assessment of Risto Mejide. And although in most cases he lets it happen because it is not a matter of being angry all the time, this time he would not allow it. "I do not understand anything. There is talent here, it is undeniable. I do not need you to show me anything because I have it very clear. For me it is a super yes," said the artist, who was accompanied by both sies both Paz Padilla and Dani Marínez, the easy judges - it is also their role.

But the thing was not going to be in a simple you say no, well, I say yes, period. The publicist complained to his partner that he did not understand his decision when she had acknowledged that she had seen "a thousand times" what the dance group had done. Edurne did not remain silent and looking as if she was quite tired of Risto always wanting to sit chair, she did not hesitate to answer yes, that she had seen, but that this was not like seeing many applauding one who dances, that this had It was something else. "It's not true, it's not true," Risto Mejide let out visibly pissed off while giving way to another performance.

The tension had already settled between the two judges who spent the whole night throwing themselves in strips. It is what you have when you click and click and re-click, which in the end you click ends up jumping. In short, Edurne has run out of patience with the incomprehensible demands of a judge, who does not hesitate to star in one of the most embarrassing moments of Got Talent in order to try to make his companions ridiculous.

And that's what happened with his gold button. Knowing the presenter we would all think that his gold button would be for someone with a more than special talent, someone surprising, someone unique, someone who left with the mouth open to the rest of the judges and the public, someone who contributed more than usual ... Well, no, the gold button of Risto Mejide left for a man who wanted to fulfill the dream of singing in a large stadium for tens of thousands of people, was far from being able to achieve it.

A "romantic" and a lover like those of yesteryear was described in his presentation video after explaining to the judges that he came to sing a song with a base he had composed. With his tuxedo and his gallant air, David García, was the real "Il Divo", as Santi Millán said behind the scenes.

The music began to play, the melody was repeated and David García did not begin to sing. Edurne's face was that of a bad omen. Said and done, as he began to sing, Edurne did not hesitate half a second to hit the red button. While Risto Mejide looked at his companions and with a sneer he smiled and made him enjoy a really insufferable performance.

The audience put their hands to the head with the performance, Risto kept laughing, holding back Edurne who wanted to press his red button, asking him to wait. Dani Martínez pulled the chair and crawled up to Risto Mejide and pressed the button between laughs, Paz Padilla held on and held on to his button so that Dani Martínez could not press it. And in the meantime, on the stage, a man followed his performance and tried, among the pitorreo of the judges.

Finally, Dani Martínez managed to press the Paz Padilla button and it ended with the performance of David García. The judges were preparing to give their assessment. Paz Padilla tried to put the humor note and asked him what the meaning of the song was; Dani Martínez explained that he had not understood the basis, with the tone, etc. And it was the moment when Risto Mejide decided that the time had come to make Dani Martínez pay for all those sies that the humorist and presenter has granted and that he would never have given. "Be honest. Tell the truth. Why did you want the performance to end? Risto Mejide questioned him." David, I wanted to stop this to tell you that you are ... my brother! "Dani Martínez replied causing Risto Mejide no longer knew where to go.

"He is not being honest. Dani, tell the truth. You are not telling the truth," Risto Mejide insisted to Dani Martínez, who not only did not recognize that he had pressed the red button because the performance was being dismal, but also encouraged David García, if his dream was to sing, he would never leave him. Of course it is! If David García is passionate about singing, then sing, who are Risto Mejide or the others to break anyone's dream. Well, that is nobody. "David, butt with the music because I want to see you in Got Talent 6", continued the piterreo of Dani Martínez for greater disgust of Risto Mejide.

"You see what happens, David. You see how difficult this chair is that when you have to tell the truth, even the greatest comedian in Spain sits down," Risto Mejide snapped at the aspirant. Edurne, as always, tried to put a little reasoning on the spectacle and pique of both judges: "David, honestly, I did not like anything and I tell you with all my love, but I think it is true that we must be sincere with all the contestants that pass through here. "

"I have been" m repeated Dani Martínez. Risto Mejide then decided to change the record: "Hey, it's true, I loved it," he told the applicant. that kept holding the pull on the stage. "I want to go to a concert of yours and I am waiting for you to get your first CD to go buy them all and take them home ... This doing Dani Martinez now. You are my brother!", The publicist was throwing at him. "No, you have not really said it, it was overactive," replied the comedian and then gave his yes to David Garcia to the outrage of Paz Padilla and Risto Mejide. "I mean, you have the saints ... to say yes," Risto Mejide snapped, while Edurne and Paz gave each other noes.

And the time came, the time came for pride, arrogance, embarrassment and shame, the time to want to teach Dani Martínez a lesson, Risto decided to give a golden button that will be much more expensive than What is thought. I bet that not only David García passes the semifinal, but we will see him in the final because then it is the public who votes and the public will not forget about last night, as he did not forget El Tekila.

"I have to tell you that if he wants to see you again and wants to listen to you in the semifinals ... As he is my brother ... Do you want to see him in the semifinals? Do you want to be happy? Everything for a brother", and boom ! Risto Mejide pressed a golden button that nobody could believe. And no, for me the worst thing is not that Risto takes the basket of chufas and wants to play as a grandfather, father and teacher of Dani Martínez, the problem is that on the stage there was a person, who still doing it wrong, was being subjected To a ridiculous one I can never understand.

"You will not like what I sing or the production that I bring, but I promise you that I will do something special. I know you do not like my music and my way of singing, but I will do something big, Risto, that you know", the aspirant told him. Needless to say anything, here the only one who gave the lesson already knows who he was.

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