The Sinterklaas journal announced on Tuesday how the new Sinterklaas horse will deliver all packages to the right addresses this year. The makers of the NPO program use Google Streetview for this.

Monday, the new horse of the good saint was presented in the Saint Nicholas Journal . Amerigo is retired; Ozosnel is his successor. The new fungus does not yet know where everyone lives, but something has been thought of.

Presenter Dieuwertje Blok: "You can enter your name and address on the website of the Sinterklaasjournaal . Then we make contact with the horse and you get live and complete with your name and a photo of your house the confirmation that Ozosnel knows where -you have to go. "

Sinterklaas is coming this year by steam train to Apeldoorn, where the television entry of the NPO takes place on Saturday.