Jort Kelder starts a bottom-up procedure for fake bitcoin advertisements. Basement can often be seen on fake news pages that fake ads link to. If the judge reaches a verdict, Dutch celebrities can file a claim for abusing their name and portrait. In addition, victims can claim compensation, reports the NOS .

The main proceedings are intended to obtain a ruling in principle from the court. "We want to establish that parties such as Facebook and Google are acting unlawfully here and are liable, including for the damage of people who have been misled by advertisements," says Kelders lawyer Matthijs Kaaks to the NOS .

At the end of May, media entrepreneur John de Mol filed a lawsuit because of nake advertisements in which his name is used. Tuesday was the verdict in that case and it was determined that Facebook is now obliged to ban counter advertisements in which De Mol is mentioned.

The 55-year-old television presenter Kelder was present at the session last Monday and afterwards posted a photo on Twitter in which he calls on Facebook along with ten other Dutch celebrities to ban bitcoin advertisements in which their names and portraits are abused.

Last month, Kelder announced in the Brandpunt + research program that he was reporting bitcoin scams.

"That we would be on the same side for the judge again," John de Mol opened, casually. Rest assured, I support you with a team of Dutch celebrities (from Matthijs to Eva, from Humberto to Waylon) in the fight against @facebook and others who make scams possible.

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