Jennifer Hoffman developed a bond with the four pregnant women she followed for the program during the recordings of Grenzeloos infatuated: baby abroad . They experienced intensive days during the recordings and are still in contact via social media. The four-part series can be seen from Tuesday and is presented by Hoffman.

"I still have contact with the women. It felt like we were friends," the presenter tells During the series four pregnant Dutch women are followed who have migrated for love. "They are all nice, special and tough women." The 38-year-old presenter was enormously involved with the participants. "I was on vacation and suddenly wondered: did she give birth yet?"

The couples are followed in Uganda, Ghana, Suriname and the Philippines. The period before the birth and the first year of the child's life is shown. It is also visible which dilemmas the couples face. "It was very nice and special to be able to follow the couples. And we did it with a very small team, that made it very intimate. Sometimes I could really look forward to dinner with the women, for example."

Hoffman was delighted to see the development of the women. "They are there for love, but as soon as the baby arrives they realize: I now have a child. Some women realized that they want, for example, the grandfathers and grandmothers from the Netherlands to live closer."


Watch an excerpt from Boundless Fall in Love: Baby Abroad

"Babies are stolen in Uganda"

Whereas the actress and presenter found the country of Suriname enormously cozy with a warm culture, that was the opposite in Uganda. "It's very dangerous there. Babies are stolen, for example. That country made a big impression on me. And the couple who live there too: it is so impressive what they do there."

Hoffman also found it interesting to see the cultural differences within a relationship. She herself has a partner from America. Whether she would ever emigrate for love herself, she doesn't know.

In addition to this presentation job, in January 2020 Hoffman can be seen as the presenter of the second season of Genaaid . In 2018 she was nominated for the Zilveren Televizier-Ster as the best actress in the hit series De Luizen Moeder . "I only presented this year and I miss the acting. But there are some nice jobs planned. I am grateful that I can combine it."

Boundless Falling in Love: Baby Abroad can be seen weekly from 12 November at 8.30 pm at Net5.