A gang leader arrested under the Yamaguchi Gumi group is an indicator of wire fraud or November 12th 17:03

In the case that the gang members of Yamaguchigumi's core organization, “Kudokai”, were arrested for being involved in wire fraud, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested gang leaders who seemed to have instructed groups of gang members .

Arrested by a gang of gangs in the core of Yamaguchi Gumi, the headquarters of Nagoya City, and was arrested by Takamatsu Matsumoto (47) in Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in November last year, there was a suspicion of fraud for being involved in an incident where a 79-year-old woman in Saitama City cheated a cash card and withdrawed 500,000 yen from a ward office employee.

It seems that the pine suspect was instructed by a group of gangsters who procured a “children” to receive cash in a case caught by the Metropolitan Police Department last month on the side of the president of the Kodokai.

It means that you are silent about the investigation.

Kodokai is the mother of Yamaguchi-gumi's top chief Shinobu, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that there is a suspicion that money earned from wire fraud is funded.

* The “C” part of “Pine” is “Eight”.